When you need to call in a Provo electrician, you’ll have a much more comfortable experience if you can have confidence in the personal integrity of the technicians that you’ll be spending time with in your home. Large projects, like a whole house rewiring or an extensive renovation project can have you spending quite a bit of time with people you don’t know well, and probably don’t care as much about your pristine carpets or flawless walls as you do. When you choose your professional electrician in Provo UT from a reputable electrical contracting company like Captain Electric, you improve your chances of landing one that will be as careful with your home as you would be, and one that will behave professionally.

Captain Electric is one of the local electrical contracting companies that’s really made a name for itself in the realm of customer care. They have a solid reputation for high quality workmanship. However, they also have a reputation for being real sticklers about the quality of people they hire and their expectations concerning how those people will handle the job fro start to finish. If your Captain Electric electrician in Provo UT, for example, is late for a job, you’ll receive a free dinner and movie. That expectation speaks volumes about the well disciplined team of electricians that Captain Electric strives for.

They hire only the best and brightest in the industry, and aside from having to prove their worth in terms of electrical skill and knowledge, they have to demonstrate their personal integrity as well. Captain Electric is a drug-free workplace, and testing is required. Every Provo UT electrician in their employ is fully licensed and insured, and is in full alignment with the high standard of customer service that this electrical contractor provides its customers. They are expected to be able to provide their customers with innovate, cost effective solutions to their electrical problems, and to do so in a neat and respectful manner.

Harm reduction is their philosophy when it comes to tasks that may require getting behind walls, and similar situations that are typically encountered in electrical rewiring or electrical upgrades. They are talented at finding ways to snake in wires, rather than using more invasive procedures. A Provo UT electrician from Captain Electric is going to show your home as much respect as you do, taking care not to track dirt across your floor, nor leave dirty hand prints on your walls. When the day’s work is complete, the job site will be clean and neat. There will be no Captain Electric crew mess left behind for you to deal with.

This is a company that was started by an average person, facing the same problems most people do — keeping up with the bills and finding the time to get everything done. Captain Electric hasn’t forgotten their roots. They keep their prices reasonable, so their services are accessible to those that need them. They offer specials and discounts on a regular basis. And, this electrician Provo UT electrical contracting company offers a special discount that really lets people know what kind of people they are and what they think is important to honor, offering a discount to single parents, teachers, military personnel, and senior citizens.

When you choose to use this electrician in Provo UT, you can have confidence in their skilled workmanship. Captain Electric stands behind their work with a lifetime guarantee on their work, as well as a year guarantee on the materials they use to complete the job. Remember, when you schedule an electrical service call, you can expect that they will arrive on time, and they’ll be ready to work efficiently to meet the day’s goals.

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