Winter is proving to be a tough one this year. With cold spells that last for days or even a week at a time, it is tough to keep homes warm. Ice storms and snowfall is also making it tough on the electric companies to keep power going to the thousands of residents in the Salt Lake area. It isn’t always possible and there are times when some residents are left sitting in the dark if they don’t have a generator. Salt Lake City residents can call Captain Electric, LLC to make sure they are not one of those in the dark and suffering from the cold weather.

A standby generator ensures you and your family have power to see you through winter storms. It may seem kind of fun to rely on candles for light and to go without hot water for a couple of hours, but cold sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner gets really old. The novelty of not having power wears off after a short period of time, especially when you have things that need to be done. You can avoid being inconvenienced by having a generator installation. Salt Lake City resident won’t need to worry about keeping warm or missing out on a hot shower because they have no power. A standby generator ensures your life continues on without suffering the consequences of a storm that knocks out the main electric grid.

This type of generator will need to be a professional install. Salt Lake City homeowners who choose to have a standby generator installed will take comfort in knowing the generator will be safe for not only the people in the home, but those who are working to restore power. There is a switch that is installed during the process that will ensure the power from the generator is not sent through the lines the opposite direction causing an electric shock to the linemen. If you are ready to have your generator installed, give Captain Electric, LLC a call today.

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