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electrician costsThe truth is, having an electrical issue can be frustrating. It is so mostly because we have come to depend totally on electricity. Imagine the lights flickering or breaker tripping right when you wanted to watch your favorite show. We always need electricity.

When something goes wrong and beyond your control, the next step is to call an electrician. This is another source of dilemma for homeowners who haven’t found an efficient electrical service before this time.

Choosing may be daunting but you can always stay guided with these factors to look out for;

  • A reputable company
  • Great customer service
  • Good reviews
  • Years of experience
  • License and insurance
  • Fair prices
  • Proximity
  • Knowledge of the task

After combing through your short list with these factors in mind, you will certainly arrive at a decision. The usual process is, you contact the company and describe your problem. Sometimes you get a price estimate over the phone or let the electrician come over to check and give a direct quote. From here you can proceed to get your work done.

Sometimes after finding the right electrician, you might just encounter an issue called shock pricing. A price shock is when the costs of commodities suddenly increase or decrease drastically over a short period. In your case, the price you were told over the phone or even in person might suddenly go up leaving you confused and cleverly helpless.

Some electricians may allow you assume that coming over to vet the problem is free, only to say later that if you could pay a specific amount for the service, they would give you a good quote that excludes the coming over fee. Now you are at a crossroads. If you pay the electrician for simply coming over to assess the situation and not hire them for the job, you would have lost some money. Hiring them seems like a good deal only because you are now trapped.

There are other examples of shock pricing such as when you are unaware of the price upfront. By the time you have been told work has already gone far enough. You would have to pay no matter how much it cost you or no matter how cheated you feel.

You should hire an electrician with no shock prices because:

  • It gives you peace of mind. Nobody likes nasty money surprises.
  • It makes you feel safe, confident, and comfortable with the service.
  • It is professional not to offer shock prices.
  • It gives you the chance to decide if you want to hire that company or not.
  • It lets you prepare financially for the electrical service.

Where can you find an electrician with no shock pricing?

At Captain Electric! Right here at Captain Electric, we value transparency and customer trust and satisfaction. We always let you know the price upfront because we know nobody likes that sort of surprise. We perform our service with commitment ensuring to get it right the first time and give you complete value for your money.

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