house rewireAlthough a house rewire is a major job and expense, it has become more and more popular in recent times as homeowners look to upgrade their electrical system. Does this mean your wiring is unsafe because it’s old? Far from it, there are obvious signs and other less obvious signs that determine if your house electrical wiring needs to be replaced.

Warning signs you might notice

  • The unmistakable burning smell of an electrical component.
  • Loose outlets around the home
  • Over-fused electrical panel.
  • Flickering lights or dimming lights.
  • Humming, sizzling, or buzzing sounds from your home electrical components.
  • Lights frequently burning out at the socket.
  • Electrical shocks when plugging in an appliance or when you touch a cord
  • Hot or discolored switch plates, cords, or plugs
  • Cracked, cut, or broken insulation on electrical components.
  • Electrical arcs, sparks, from an outlet.

Signs like these are easy for you the homeowner to notice. Rather than ignore them or try to DIY, it’s advisable to contact a professional electrician to fix the problem and inspect your wiring.

There are other potential signs or circumstances that are worth worrying over or checking. They can also indicate that it’s time for a house rewire.

  • You live in an old home– Living in an old home often seems to be the basis for lots of electrical wiring issues. The thing is, old homes above 20 years may have worn out electrical systems. The chances of this are even higher if the home is a property used by tenants. Aside from having worn-out wiring, old homes might no longer be in compliance with current National Electric Codes. This is dangerous to life and property. Hence, if you live in a property up to 25 years old, it’s vital to get your electrical system checked.
  • Additions to your current appliances or recent renovation projects– the electrical system in your home have a specific capacity. This is mostly determined by your electrical panel, and a strain on this system can become problematic. If you have recently added a power-demanding appliance or renovated a part of your home, it’s time to call an electrical technician for an inspection.
  • Aluminum wiring and 2-prong outlets– such installations are mostly seen in old homes. They are outdated and dangerous. If you have such installations, then the rest of your electrical wiring might be outdated as well. These need to be checked and replaced.

Aside from factors and warning signs like these, there are no set guidelines on when a property should be rewired. However, landlords are advised to call for inspections for their property every 5 years and regular homeowners every 10 years. These inspections help to ensure that your house wiring is safe and working fine.

If you discover you do need a house rewire, be sure to choose the professional you work with wisely. Check that the electrician is licensed, insured, obtains the necessary permits, and is transparent with pricing. Set specific timelines for the duration of the rewire and what it will involve.

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