When you need some electrical repair work done or a system upgrade project taken care of, you deserve an electrician that is focused on what you need, not on up-selling potentials. When you ask a question, you deserve an honest and direct answer, and don’t need the hassle of having to try to sift through what is fact and what is fiction. That is exactly the kind of reliable, trustworthy service that you should be always be seeking out.

You’ll want to find a Salt Lake City electrician services company that offers quality work at competitive prices, because you deserve great value for every dollar you spend. After all, you work as hard for your money as we do for ours. It’s worth it to find an electrician in Salt Lake City that strives to keep their prices within the reach of the average person; and, most importantly, to do so without sacrificing quality.

It’s very important to hire an electrician in Salt Lake City who’s a licensed and experienced professional, and one who fully guarantees all of their electrical work. Your Salt Lake City electrician should strive to be a good neighbor. And, in the same way you can depend on any of your good neighbors, you should be able to call them if you have a question or problem.

At Captain Electric we are happy to offer free over the phone electrical help. You can also visit our web site for valuable information on maintaining and troubleshooting your electrical system. When you make an appointment for a service call with us, you can expect our Salt Lake City electrician to arrive on time.

You can trust Captain Electric to always be focused on what you need. If our electrician tells you that something should be replaced or repaired, you can rely on it being truly necessary for the functioning and safety of your system. We value your business and your trust. When you call to schedule an electrical service call, or to discuss an upcoming project, be sure to ask about current coupons and service discounts. We like to increase your savings whenever we can.

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