When people think of a generator, Salt Lake City residents normally think of diesel or propane powered machinery that is used to keep the electricity running for a home or business in case of emergency. However, scientists are always looking for new ways to generate and harness electricity to use for any number of purposes.

One of the more unique generator-related discoveries over the last few years came out of Berkley Lab. These researchers have developed a method of generating power from a virus. This virus is called the M13 bacteriophage. Essentially the virus can convert movement or mechanical energy into usable electricity. The M13 virus is used because it is completely harmless to humans and the virus replicates quickly, to keep a sufficient supply handy.

The scientists created a super-tin generator that manages to produce enough electricity to operate an LCD display. The electricity is created by tapping a finger onto an electrode coated with the viruses. At this time, the virus goes to work, converting the tap into electricity. Scientists were able to create as much energy using this small electrode as one quarter of a triple A battery. While this may not seem like very much, it is an important step towards more virus-powered products in the future.

While we may be a few years away from a home powered by a virus, generators in general are an important solution for many people. If you are looking to install a generator Salt Lake City residents can always depend on, you do not want to settle for second best. Call Captain Electric today and hire the best generator installation Salt Lake City firm available. Hopefully you never need to use your generator in an emergency situation, but if you find yourself needing one—you will be very glad you made that phone call.

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