If you have every traveled internationally, you probably noticed that electrical outlets are quite different from place to place. When traveling, you want to be able to access your cell phone charger, plug in your laptop or even use appliances such as hair dryers. Because of this, it is important that you understand how outlets vary from place to place. An electrician Salt Lake City may be able to answer some of your questions as well.

In the United States, the most commonly used plug is the type B plug. It has two prongs up top and a third grounding prong. The neutral blade is wider, insuring that the plug is put in the correct way. A type A plug is the exact same except it does not have the third grounding plug. Therefor a type A plug can be used in a type B outlet, but not vice-verse, without an adapter. These types of outlets are also found in both North, Central and South American countries as well as in some Asian countries.

In Europe as well as other places, the most common type of plug and outlet is the Europlug, a Type C pug and outlet that has two pins and no grounding feature. This is only able to be used on devices that require less than 2.5A of power. In addition to being used in Europe, this type of outlet and plug is also found in some parts of the Middle East, South America, Africa, Russia and parts of Asia.

There are several other types of plugs and outlets as well. In fact, plug types range all the way to Type M. The large number of plugs makes it a bit confusing for most travelers. If you talk to an electrician in Salt Lake City, he may be able to recommend a particular type of adapter that will allow you to safely use your electric devices around the world. In fact, this is generally the simplest way to solve your plug-in dilemma—no matter where you travel.

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