Low interest rates on home equity lines of credit have created an opportunity for many homeowners to launch remodeling projects. Here are some great remodeling tips from Captain Electric, an electrician in Provo UT.

1) Create ambiance with a dimmer switch. This type of a switch is ideal in dining rooms and entryways and allows you to select the level of lighting for the particular need or atmosphere. Doing homework on the dining room table? No problem — just turn the light to full power. For that romantic dinner you can dim it down to candlelight quality. An entryway can be bright for welcoming guests or dimly light for security after bedtime.

One thing you may notice is that a dimmer switch can get a little warm after the light has been on for a while; this is perfectly natural. The only time you should be concerned is if the switch becomes hot to the touch. When you remodel make certain you’re using the correct dimmer switch designed for your purpose. For example, low-voltage lights and motor driven fans require a special dimmer switch. In addition, a regular switch is designed for a maximum of 600 volts though special high-voltage dimmers are available. An electrician in Provo UT can help you with recommendations

2) Converting two prong outlets to three prong versions. If you living in an older home you may have a shortage of three-prong outlets. In the past these were rarely needed, but now every appliance and computer cord seems to require three holes. Some people mistakenly believe they can simply swap out the outlet, but this can cause a serious fire hazard if the wiring going to the outlet is not modified. If you are making this type of an upgrade it’s best to contact a licensed electrician in Provo for assistance.

3) Remodeling is a great time to incorporate the latest electrical safety requirements including the installation of ground fault interrupter outlets in kitchens, baths, and garages and near pools and hot tubs. GFIs respond to surges in power by shutting off the outlet. These can be turned back on manually and will remain on as long as the dangerous surge has ceased. GFIs can be installed for a relatively low price by a Provo electrician.

4) Consider installing energy saving devices when you remodel. Some of the devices that can be installed by an electrician from Provo include motion detectors switches that turn lights off when no one is in a room, photo-sensitive switches which turn off lights when natural light is sufficient, timers and programmable furnace thermostats. The installation cost of such items is quickly recovered through energy savings.

5) Install whole house surge protection. Most people realize that computers need to be protected from power surges and they usually plug their computers into a power surge protector strip. But did not you know that these are not the only items in your home which are susceptible to damage from power surges? Electronics are now found all over the house in small appliances, security systems, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, stereos, low-voltage lighting systems and even garage door openers. Let a licensed electrician in Provo show you how to protect all of these possessions with whole house surge protection.

If you have more questions regarding your electricity and your home remodel feel free to call Captain Electric. A licensed Provo electrician will be happy to assist you.

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