Cities with the word ‘pleasant’ as part of their name have always been intriguing to me kind of like a name out of a storybook. And yet, there we were moving to a town called Pleasant Grove. Our new home was perfect, but it needed a few things taken care of, so the help of one of our new neighbors was welcomed for sure. When I asked if he knew any electricians in Pleasant Grove, he gave me the number for one he trusted, Captain Electric. Just in case, I searched online as well for “electrician Pleasant Valley UT, and sure enough, they looked quite reputable.

Right on time the next day, Captain Electric, arrived at the house. As the technician added some new electrical circuits, my 6 year-old son followed him around asking a lot of questions about every electrical tool he used. I really appreciated his patience and the care he took explaining each step. After he finished up, including an electrical bid on some future remodeling, he told me he was heading to a nearby location to donate some toys for Christmas, and he wondered if I had anything that I might want to add. My son found a few items and we accompanied the kind-hearted Pleasant Grove electrician out to his truck.

The box in the truck included some very old toys, and two of them, the Lite-Brite and the EtchA-Sketch, immediately caught my son’s eye. He had played a version of Lite-Brite on our computer tablet, but he had never seen this original type. Our Pleasant Grove electrician told him this was one of the first ones made, in the late 1960’s, and he had received it for Christmas back then. The Etch-A-Sketch was even older, and my son said, “Wow, this is a really neat computer”. After some major negogiating, the toy collection heading to the donation center contained 12 of my son’s toys that had been traded for the fancy electrical toy from the 1960’s and the antique computer that sketches magnetic drawings. My son was on cloud-nine, and I was confident that the less fortunate kids receiving his items would be pleased, too. I love it when everyone wins anytime, but especially during the holiday season.

Before leaving for his next electrical service call, our new Pleasant Grove electrician gave us a mental tour of Pleasant Grove. Something I did not know was that our new home was also called Utah’s City of Trees, a name that was very fitting. Because of my son’s interest in electricity and science, we needed to make sure we visited the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center right here in Pleasant Grove. With its spaceship simulators sending visitors off to outer space in the future, it offers quite a comparison to that old Etch-A-Sketch. They even have classes and camps to keep the kids learning.

It is always a treat to get great customer service, perfect electrical work delivered, and helpful information all wrapped up in one unexpected package. I guess it is pretty obvious which electrician in Pleasant Grove I will be asking back to take care of all the other electrical projects on my wish list some new custom lighting, an attic fan installation, updating of my landscaping lights, and an electrical hook up for our new spa. I’m relieved to know that our Internet search for electrician Pleasant Grove is over, and now I just wonder what our local electrician will help us learn about next!

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