With summer thunderstorms headed our way, it is time to get prepared for the electricity to go out. It makes sense to have a small emergency kit at the ready, just in case the lights go out. Things like flashlights, emergency numbers, portable cellphone battery chargers and a can opener for the canned food you will be eating are a good idea to keep on hand. Fortunately, most of the power outages are short lived. But what about those outages that last for hours? Is your family not up for the challenge of living without electricity for more than an hour? If you answered yes, you need to have a standby generator installed by an electrician in Salt Lake City. The team at Captain Electric of Utah has a great deal of experience with these generators and can get your home hooked up and ready for the next power outage.

A standby generator is a permanent fixture that is enclosed inside a metal box. The box can be placed in your backyard or on the side of your house, depending on where your main electrical supply is. Your Salt Lake City electrician will take care of all the electrical wiring that connects the generator to your home’s main electrical panel. Then a switch will be installed that automatically transfers the electricity demands of your house to the generator if the main power goes out. This means, you never have to do a thing when the power goes out.

These standby generators range in size and price. If you are not sure how many watts you need to power your house, call your electrician. Salt Lake City homeowners will want to make sure they have enough available power to run things like the refrigerator, lights and other necessities. Call Captain Electric of Utah today to schedule your backup generator installation so your family is never in the dark again.

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