lighting in utahAlthough we are expected to have a long winter according to the groundhog, there are already signs of spring showing through. It is time to start thinking about your landscaping and what you need to do to get it ready for a glorious spring. One of the elements of your landscaping that is probably in need of repair is the lighting. Winter weather has a way of wreaking havoc on anything that has been left outside to withstand the snow, rain and freezing temperatures. You likely need an electrician in Provo to go through your outdoor lighting system to ensure it is all in good working order. The team at Captain Electric of Utah can do that for you.

Frayed wires or damaged lights can result in an entire string being put out of commission. The fix is fairly simple, but because you are dealing with electricity and wiring, it is always a good idea to leave it in the hands of a professional electrician. Provo homeowners will appreciate the knowledge their lighting is being taken care of by somebody who knows what they are doing.

If you have been thinking about adding additional lights or want to get electric outdoor lighting installed, the time is now. A Provo electrician can explain to you what needs to be done to install the lights. Typically, a shallow ditch will need to be dug to bury the wires for the lights. The lights are then hard-wired to the home’s electric panel. From there, you can choose to have a manual switch or an automatic timer installed. Most people opt for a timer simply because is ensures your yard is lit and you are not wasting electricity by accidentally leaving the lights on all day. These are all things your electrician can discuss with you. Give Captain Electric of Utah a call today to get started on your spring lighting.

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