cap3-16With the recent Daylight Savings event, you probably saw plenty of signs and reminders to change the batteries in your smoke detectors when you moved the clocks ahead. This is an excellent way to remember to keep the batteries fresh. Unfortunately, batteries don’t always last as long we expect or they get borrowed for one reason or another. A home without smoke detectors is a serious risk. The lives of everybody in the home are in danger. An ideal backup plan is to have hard-wired smoke detectors installed by an electrician in Salt Lake City. The team at Captain Electric of Utah can help you make your home a bit safer.

Smoke detectors that are wired directly into your home’s main power system will always be on. You won’t have to worry about them not working because of a dead battery or no battery at all. Another benefit to these hard-wired detectors is the fact that all the smoke detectors you have installed by a Salt Lake City electrician will be connected to one another. This means, when one detector begins to chirp an alarm, the rest will follow suit. No matter where you are in the house, you will hear the smoke detector nearest you.

Ideally, it is recommended you have at least one detector on each floor installed by an electrician. Salt Lake City homeowners can opt to have a couple more if they would like. Having a smoke detector installed in the garage, attic and each room is a good idea. Each of the smoke detectors will have a place for a battery. This is a back up method in case the power goes out. This double layer of protection will help you sleep better at night. Give Captain Electric of Utah a call today and have your smoke detectors installed.

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