If you are considering a generator as an option to your home’s power, you will likely have a few questions about what size of generator you will need. Fortunately, there are numerous sizes available to suit a small one-bedroom house to a large house with several bedrooms and bathrooms.

What Do You Want Powered?

When the main power goes out, what do you want to continue working? Remember, power outages tend to be temporary. This is something you need to consider before hiring a generator installation. Salt Lake City residents can rely on Captain Electric to help them determine what size of generator is needed based on a home’s power needs. A few lights and the refrigerator are easily powered by a small generator. Salt Lake City homeowners who would like to keep most of the house powered will need to consider one of the larger units.

Generator Sizes

When you are determining the size of generator, you need to keep in mind you do not want to max out the unit. You need to keep in mind a refrigerator cycling or a well pump kicking on will cause a spike in power usage. Pay close attention to running wattage numbers and surge wattage numbers when choosing the right unit for your home.


Once you have picked the right option, you will need an experienced professional to install the generator. Salt Lake City homeowners should never try to do take on this task themselves. Failure to hook up a generator correctly could ultimately lead to a serious accident when the linemen are attempting to restore power.

A licensed electrician from Captain Electric will be able to handle the hard-wiring of the generator unit to your home. Please call us today to find out more, or you can visit our generator installations information page on our website.

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