Isn’t the internet grand? The ability to research and learn about any subject is at our finger tips. Recently, I ended up studying the origin of the internet for hours. Trivia questions can be answered immediately, arguments often settled with proof and details about anywhere in the world from Tokyo, Japan to right here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Who needs the yellow pages anymore? You can find food, gifts and services just by putting a word or phrase, even misspelled, into your favorite search engine, and voila — there it is! I found my new window cleaner and mechanic that way, and now I have just entered “electrician Salt Lake City” to find an electrician.

Hmmm…electricity, now that is a subject that would be fun to research a bit. To be really honest, I have tried to understand the concept for as long as I can remember, and it is still way over my head. Hopefully, a little search and discovery in cyberspace will enhance my awareness. I have written down some notes to ask Captain Electric, the Salt Lake City electrician who will be arriving soon. In the meantime, I have learned three new things:

1)You can make orange electricity by attaching a penny to one end of copper wire with a paper clip to the other end. Then, take two other wires and put a paper clip on one and a penny on the other, leaving a free end on each. Cut two small slits in two separate oranges. By putting the open ended wires on opposite oranges and the other wire connecting the oranges you end up with a penny and a paper clip in each of the oranges. Now connect the open ends to whatever you want to power up. To increase voltage you need to have a lot of oranges. Add an apple and a banana and you will have fruit salad. Sounds like a good way to work up the appetite of any electrician in Salt Lake City.

2)When humans walk we waste about 20 watts of energy per second. We could actually convert that into useable energy by wearing a shoe that creates electricity as we burn up calories. This might come in handy when you need to charge your cell phone out in the middle of nowhere, but I doubt it would keep my outdoor lighting glowing. A local Salt Lake City electrician could certainly help out with ensuring that.

3)A Dutch electronics company that thinks energy saving light bulbs are not enough is testing a technology that will give us light by recycling household waste and bacteria. This type of lighting is electricity free, but is doesn’t sound too appealing after you have cleaned your kitchen. I guess is more appropriate as “mood lighting” as opposed to being functional. Nothing like a little electrical household waste to put you in “the mood.” I’ll bet any Salt Lake electrician would be thrilled to hear about this.

Thank goodness for the doorbell. The technician from Captain Electric has arrived to check out what needs to be done and give me an electrical bid for installing an attic fan and having some new landscape lighting installed in the backyard. As soon as he checks out what outlets need to be replaced, and whether or not I need surge protectors installed, I will see if I can give him a sandwich in exchange for some more electrical knowledge. Hopefully, I have found an electrician in Salt Lake City who can answer a few of my questions. I really want to get to the bottom of my barriers to understanding this electricity issue. It just has to be more than fruit salad, calories and bacteria.

Salt Lake City Electrician Found Through Internet Search and Discovery was last modified: April 20th, 2015 by Brian Hortin