If you are wondering how you can make your home a little safer without spending a great deal of money, there is one option you must consider. The installation of hard-wired smoke detectors is a valuable addition to your home for a variety of reasons. Your Salt Lake City electrician has a list of reasons why you should consider them for your home. If you have any questions about how they work, you can call Captain Electric of Utah.

1. The main benefit to hard-wired smoke detectors is the fact they are all interconnected. When one detector alerts, the rest will as well. If the garage smoke detector goes off and you are upstairs in your room, the detector in your room will alert. This gives you time to escape before the fire spreads to the interior of your home.
2. Your electrician in Salt Lake City adds batteries are the backup system and not the main source of power for the detector. This means you don’t have to worry about a smoke detector having dead batteries when you need it the most. The detectors rely on your home’s main power.
3. A hard-wired smoke detector does not have a limited lifespan like the battery powered alarms. The battery operated ones tend to last only 5 to 10 years before they have expired and are no longer useful.

When you are shopping for the right smoke detector, it is important to choose one that is sensitive to smoke as well as fast flames. Review the different ratings for each detector and choose one that will pick up slow smoldering fires that produce smoke, but can take a while to erupt into flames. Once you have made a choice, call an electrician. Salt Lake City homeowners can rely on Captain Electric of Utah to take care of the wiring involved with the installation of these systems.

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