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salt lake city electricianIf you were to take a job as an electrician you could be taking on a variety of roles from installations to plain old maintenance. Electrical systems from homes to offices have to be serviced and that’s just what an electrician does. When you look at a structure’s damaged electrical wiring or panels, there’s a good chance you will find an electrician working on it.

An electrician’s job isn’t so straightforward. There are a couple of different sub-categories an electrician can fall into. Commercial electricians, for example, work more on business’ electrical systems, while residential electricians help out homeowners when they need assistance. New construction electricians prefer to work on installing new wiring and electrical for buildings that are just being built. Electricians don’t have to stick to one category either – they can bounce around depending on their experience and knowledge.

Tools of the trade are also a very important aspect for any electrician. For example, in a new installation of wiring, an electrician will use pliers as well as wire strippers and conduit benders. When an electrician wants to test if the electricity is working and how much is being produced, they will use voltmeters or ammeters. These tools help to ensure the job is done correctly as well as keep the electrician safe.

Maintenance is another aspect of an electrician’s job. It can vary from day to day and from electrician to electrician. In a home setting, an electrician can be expected to fix light fixtures and troubleshoot outlets. A commercial electrician may require a little more training as their jobs tend to be more technical and challenging such as repairing motors or transformers.

The work environment of an electrician can also vary from day to day. Many electricians are asked to work inside and outside. In order to properly get a job done, they might also be required to go into hot attics or underneath a home. Standing and crouching for long periods of time is also not uncommon. Training is also very important to avoid shocks, cuts, and falls.

Electricians must go through strenuous training in order to become certified. It varies from state to state, but many places require an electrician to go to school, take hard tests, and have a couple years of experiences under their belts before they can get their licenses. When just starting out, junior electricians work with journeymen electricians to get their hours and to learn more. It’s a great way to learn about the trade.

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