Whether you’re in need of electrical work done in a new house or you’re having electrical problems in an old house, you’re probably concerned about finding a Salt Lake City electrician who can take care of your electrical service needs. If you look up electrician Salt Lake City UT on the Internet, you’ll find a long list of qualified electrical contractors who could help you out. Narrowing it down to the right electrician in Salt Lake City is a more harrowing process, however. Everyone in Salt Lake City wants an electrician who can do the job quickly and do it right without having to go to the store to pick up electrical parts or put off the project for days or weeks to order supplies. If you’re looking for an electrician in Salt Lake City UT who can promise you that all your electrical needs such as home lighting, electrical outlet installations, ceiling fans, panel upgrades, rewiring, etc., will be done correctly and on time, contact Captain Electric.

Captain Electric is a special electrical contracting company. They understand what people in Salt Lake City want in an electrician. Salt Lake City folks want someone who is reliable, reasonably priced, and able to offer an estimate up front for electrical work that they will stick to. Captain Electric even offers their customers a dinner for two and a movie should their electrician not show up at the promised time.

Charles and Lindsey, of Salt Lake City are customers of Captain Electric. They recently had a 1:00 p.m. appointment with Captain Electric to get an electrical bid for some new electrical circuits installed for their house. Unfortunately, Charles was supposed to meet the Salt Lake City electrician at his lunch hour, but the traffic was horrible as he made his way across town.  Knowing that he might score a move and dinner with his wife if the electrician was late, though, Charles had hoped that perhaps this time, Captain Electric might be running late, too. As Charles made his way up the street and arrived at 1:05, however, the Captain Electric electrician was already sitting in the driveway, waiting patiently for Charles.

Another Captain Electric customer by the name of Robert in Salt Lake City needed an electrical bid to have a new ceiling fan installed in his condo. Salt Lake City summers are squelching hot, and Robert was trying to do what he could to save energy and thus save a few bucks on his electric bill. His Salt Lake City electrician, Captain Electric, showed up on time to do the project, which was a relief to Robert because he had only a short window of time to devote to having the ceiling fan installation completed. Captain Electric started on the project as soon as they showed up, and they finished the project within a few hours, much to Robert’s satisfaction. Recently, he had Captain Electric install additional smoke detectors, and he reported the same level of efficiency and timeliness in their electrical work.

Captain Electric is an electrical contracting business that really cares about its customers. Lana, of Salt Lake City, needed an electrical safety inspection done on a property. She was closing in on the purchase of an older home that, she speculated, might need some electrical upgrading. She needed an electrician in Salt Lake City to do the safety inspection and then deliver an electrical bid quickly and efficiently so that she could make a fast decision about the house. Captain Electric showed up on time to do the assessment, and she received the bid within the exact time frame that she needed. With the bid in hand, Lana was able to purchase the house, and felt confident that she could afford to do the home electrical rewiring that was necessary.

Salt Lake City electricians come in a variety of flavors and varieties. Make sure you choose a licensed electrical contracting company who cares about your final electrical product, and one that’s willing to go the extra mile for you – a company like Captain Electric.


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