Do you ever feel there is a void when it comes to customer service these days, the kind that provides a real connection with other people? Don’t get me wrong I love all the new technology but I find myself longing for something more at times. The other day I went to one of the big box stores here in Provo, UT to find new hardware for the remodel I am giving a very old kitchen. I needed several cupboard door knobs, some drawer pulls and self closing hinges that all matched. I found the pulls and the knobs, but they had absolutely no hinges to match. I then visited one of the competitors; they had plenty of the hinges in the right color, and no pulls or knobs. I know it can be overwhelming running a large operation, but I could not help but ask the question, Where is the family run hardware store where the owner keeps track of this sort of thing? When I arrived home, I received a call from carpet cleaning company confirming an appointment for later in the week. It was a recording, and I was unable to ask a question. Are you getting my point?

Next step for remodeling was to find an electrician in Provo, so I decided search for a company who knows how to balance. I don’t mean balance themselves on a ladder while they change a light bulb, but balance the new with the old. I hope that is not too much to ask for. It is easy to put electrician, Provo, Utah in a search engine, but would I be able to find what I was looking for? Would it be possible to locate an electrician in Provo who knew the art of balancing? Right on the first page of many, I spotted Captain Electric. The second test the captain passed was that is was family owned. And to my amazement, it sailed over the third hump when a live person answered the phone. Well, this vessel appeared to be quite well manned.

The Provo electrician from Captain Electric who arrived at my door the next day – right on time I might add – was also cheerful and professional. He told me exactly what would be needed to add my new interior lighting and get some ceiling fans installed. The bid was totally reasonable. I was sure from their web site that they used all the new ideas that technology offers, when it comes to computers and electrical tools, but I knew that I was at the receiving end of some good old fashioned customer service, the kind that connects people. Speaking of connections, one of my friends showed up while my favorite Provo electrician was packing up. He is headed to her house next week to do some electrical troubleshooting. Captain Electric, you have a competent crew!

It may sound like I am not very progressive, but I would not want to function without my technology. I may not need to ever search again for electrician, Provo, but you can be sure I will be looking for one thing or another in cyberspace often, whether it be from my personal computer, my tablet or my smart phone. I just prefer the new stuff mixed up with some of the old, especially when it has to do with excellent customer service. That’s why I’ll be calling Captain Electric from now on my trusted electrician in Provo UT.

Provo Electrician Balances His Act was last modified: April 20th, 2015 by Brian Hortin