bigstockphoto_White_Radiator_502511Some of us have already discovered Mother Nature isn’t playing around this winter. Strong storms have already wreaked havoc across the nation and it is just the beginning. There will likely be plenty more storms headed our way over the next few months. You can prepare your home and family to deal with a power outage without freezing in your own home. An electrician in Salt Lake City can help you prepare with the installation of a standby generator. The team at Captain Electric, LLC is here to help you ensure your family is safe and warm if a storm should strike.

Standby generators are different from their portable counterparts. They must be installed by a Salt Lake City electrician because they will be hardwired into your home’s main electric panel. This is necessary so you don’t have to run extension cords. The generator being wired to the panel means everything is ready to go the second the power goes out. This is much safer for you and your family because you won’t have to go outside to drag out a generator.

The generators range in size and power. To run your furnace, you will want to discuss what size of generator you need with an electrician. Salt Lake City homeowners will have the option to decide if they want a small generator that is powerful enough to run just the furnace of if they want a generator that will keep the whole house powered. The choice is yours. Once you have made the decision, the next step is the installation process. Most of the standby generators are equipped with an automatic transfer switch that transfers your home to the backup power source within seconds of the main power grid failing. If you have any questions about what it will take to have a standby generator installed, give Captain Electric, LLC a call today.

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