Go back ten years and the hiring of a Provo electrician to do residential installations was almost unheard of. It was a last resort, something you did only when sparks were flying or appliances stopped working. An electrician in Provo wasn’t someone you needed to hook up your telephone or install your new entertainment system. That was, as those old television shows used to say, the “days of yesteryear”. Today, homeowners are looking for an electrician in Provo that they can count on for more than just emergency services. Captain Electric is that Provo Electrician.

The telephone and television systems of the present are far more complex and sensitive than the systems of the past. If not installed correctly they will not work properly. That “surround sound” or “digital image” you were promised at the store won’t look any different from the old projection TV that you had before you bought the new flat screen. If you want to watch your favorite show in HD, you’ll need the help of a Provo electrician from Captain Electric to install the system. They’ll make sure the HD lines are connected where they’re supposed to go and that any external speakers are working properly. By the time they’re done, you’ll get the same sights and sounds you experienced when you were in the store being shown the floor model.

Telephone and Computer Installations

As an electrician in Provo UT, Captain Electric get a lot of calls from folks who live a fair distance away from civilization. They service all of Wasatch Front, which includes some densely populated urban areas, but it also contains vast tracts of undeveloped land where power lines aren’t always the most reliable. Wireless signals and back-up power supplies aren’t luxuries once you get outside the Provo/Ogden/Salt Lake region. They’re necessities. When they do installs out there they are often called upon to check out existing systems and do safety inspections to make sure there are no power failures.

If you live on the outskirts of Wasatch Front, Captain Electric is one of the few Provo electricians that will show up to do your phone or computer installation within a reasonable time frame. They don’t mind driving, and their family has been servicing the valley for over twenty years. Ask anyone in town and they’ll tell you that they’re the electrician Provo UT homeowners can count on. The same can be said for those who live outside of Provo. Their lifetime guarantees and affordable prices extend to everyone.

Other Residential Electrical Needs

You need telephones and you want to have internet service. WiFi capabilities and home automation are wonderful extras, essentials if you live far outside the city limits. Cable TV is a luxury you’d like to have in every room. What else would you need a Provo electrician for? How about a few safety measures and taking care of that back-up power source? Remember the winter of 2003? Captain Electric worked around the clock that year, trudging through three feet of snow at times to restore power to local residents. Those with generators experienced far less hardship than those who didn’t have them. They can install one now for you so you don’t have to go through it again. Living in Utah, you know at some point the snow is going to fall again.

Other areas of concern for local residents include service upgrades and fire detection systems. If you haven’t had a panel upgrade in some time you could be at risk. New circuits mean a higher level of safety and security for your family and they’ll save you money on your electric bill. Captain Electric will come to your home and do a safety inspection, and they’ll check the panel and make sure your fire and smoke detection equipment is up to date and working properly. You can easily find Captain Electric’s website by doing a search on the web for electrician Provo UT. To learn more, call Captain Electric, your trusted Provo electrician.


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