Not everyone is meant to live by the ocean; some of us are needed to inhabit the remainder of the geographical landscape, like beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. What a wonderful city Salt Lake is to live in, or to visit. There are mountains to hike in or ski on, a downtown area full of history and beauty, and then there is that big salt lake. Call me crazy if you want, but I was thinking about how fun it would be to have a ship sitting in the middle of that amazing lake. Maybe that is not so far-fetched, Rumor has it that early explorers thought the lake might be connected by a river to the Pacific Ocean. However, for right now we will have to resort to group visualization. Are you ready?

I see something lit up! You know, very bright and electric. That means we need a Salt Lake City electrician to help us with all our electrical needs. An internet search for Electrician Salt Lake City Utah should make that easy enough. Wow, how appropriate is it that we would find one right here with the name Captain Electric. Don’t you just love it when you know things are happening just like they should?  Out of all the electricians in Salt Lake City, how cool is it that there is one that only is destined to join in our fun. Any business with that name has to appreciate this electrical project. I bet the owner is the captain of his operation. I sure am ready and willing to be the captain of my very own ship. Let’s continue.

Besides a total remodel of this wonderful old ship that is reminiscent of another century, we’ll need custom interior lighting to welcome guests, and a lot of outdoor lighting to make us visible everywhere. Some visitors will want to spend the night, so we will want to have a full electrical upgrade, including new electrical circuits and outlets so that we’re capable of accommodating our guests. I guess that’ll mean several ceiling fans installed along with some smoke detector installations, too. I am sure happy our chosen electrician in Salt Lake City UT knows about electric generator installs as well. Of course, we’ll need a restaurant with a world renowned chef performing delicious magic in the kitchen. A connoisseur of food to go along with our experts in aesthetic electrical remodeling and custom lighting is perfect – what an ideal combination. Are you getting it? We are creating a major attraction to enhance the already wonderful, Great Salt Lake. And you, my mates, get to be a part of the crew.

Okay, back to reality. But, maybe that is not so bad. Anything that is possible to visualize can happen, right? Our exquisite ship can exist even if it does so sitting only somewhat near the Great Salt Lake.  How about a replica? Granted it will need to be a bit smaller than the one we imagined, but at least it wouldn’t require any river connecting us with the ocean. Complete construction is possible right here in Salt Lake City. There is no need to search online for electrician Salt Lake City, since we already know about Captain Electric, an amazing electrician in Salt Lake City UT. However, if any one of you knows a good shipbuilder who is willing to relocate or someone who can procure a great chef, we are in business.  Our unique enterprise will brighten up the area with the help of a licensed electrician in Salt and attract even more tourists. On top of that, we will provide employment to shipbuilders, residential and commercial electricians, and an entire restaurant staff. Oh, and by the way, I am taking applications for a few capable co-captains, but we certainly aren’t taking applications from any other Salt Lake City electrician now that we’ve found Captain Electric!


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