738596_99980256Keeping up with the latest in lighting technology ensures you are saving the most money possible and using the safest product on the market today. As with anything that has to do with technology, there are constantly new things hitting the shelves, like under the cupboard LED lighting. You have probably seen LED flashlights and they have become the latest trend in Christmas lights because they are so bright and require very little power to run. Now, you can bring those bright little bulbs into your kitchen with the help of an electrician in Salt Lake City. The team at Captain Electric, LLC is here to help you make your kitchen more modern.

LEDs use 34 watts, compared to the standard 100-watt bulbs you use now. The smaller wattage does not mean you sacrifice light. LEDs are extremely bright. You only need a few to achieve a fully lit space underneath your cupboards. This space can be difficult to effectively light. Overhead lights will be blocked by the cupboards and your body while you are working. Because there are various sizes of counter spaces that need lighting, the LEDs are sold in flexible strips. Your Salt Lake City electrician will measure the space that needs extra lighting and cut the strip to fix. Mounting is very easy. Once the strip is cut and mounted, the electrician will go about wiring the strip to a plug that can be plugged in.

LED light strips are not just for the kitchen. You can have them mounted in the hallway, bathroom or even along your headboard by an electrician. Salt Lake City residents will likely have plenty of places in the home that could benefit from a little extra light. The best part about it is LEDs are very inexpensive to operate. Give Captain Electric, LLC a call today and light up your kitchen.

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