Brr! It is shaping up to be a cold, wet winter again this year, which means you need to be proactive and get your house ready for the weather now. Heating bills can be atrocious during the winter months and many families are left scrambling to adjust the budget to accommodate a much higher electric bill than they are used to. Your electrician in Salt Lake City has a few tips to help you make the winter weather a little more manageable by winterizing your home. This can help keep your electric bill at a more manageable rate. You can call Captain Electric of Utah if you have any additional questions.

1. Buy weatherstripping and place it around drafty doors that lead to the outside. This can dramatically cut down on drafts and keep the warm air in.
2. Use a ceiling fan—yes, even in the winter! Your Salt Lake City electrician explains by switching the direction of the fan, you can push the hot air back into the room, which will tell the thermostat the room is warm and keep it from kicking on more than necessary.
3. Apply a layer of caulking around windows that tend to be drafty. Clear silicone can be removed in the spring if it prevents you from opening the window.
4. Have your furnace undergo routine maintenance to ensure it is in good operating condition says an electrician. Salt Lake City homeowners can replace filters on their own, but should have a professional give the unit an inspection at least once a year.
5. Program your thermostat for fall and winter temps. You can get away with setting the temperature a bit lower at night when you are in bed, covered with blankets. Drop it down to 65 degrees and save a few dollars.

These tips can help save you money each month on your electric bill. If you would like to have a ceiling fan installed, give Captain Electric of Utah a call today.

Home Winterizing Tips by Salt Lake City Electrician was last modified: December 8th, 2020 by Brian Hortin