1435971_87804431It seems like we just put away all of our decorations from last holiday season and yet, it is already time to start pulling them out again. Before you start uncoiling lights and pulling out the pretty yard decorations, your Salt Lake City electrician has some tips for you to employ to ensure your safety this year. The team at Captain Electric, LLC, looks forward to helping you be safe this holiday season as you light up the night with your decorations.

• As you are checking for burnt out light bulbs, check the condition of the strand of lights. Are there any exposed wires? If so, it would be a wise idea to toss the light strand and start with a new one. They are inexpensive enough you don’t need to risk a fire by using a compromised light strand explains an electrician in Salt Lake City.
• Do not string more than three strands together. This will overload the circuit. If you are short on outlets, consider hiring an electrician. Salt Lake City homeowners will appreciate the flexibility several outdoor outlets provide.
• Only use extension cords that are designed for use outside to plug in your yard decorations and lighting. The cords are typically round rather than the indoor cords that are flat. This rule applies to any lighting and other holiday décor. Read the UL label to determine if it is safe to use outdoors. Rain and snow can short out lights and cords that are not meant for the outdoors.

These quick tips will help you keep your home safe this holiday season as you get into the spirit and deck the halls and your yard with lights. If you need any additional outdoor outlets, give Captain Electric, LLC a call today and schedule your appointment.

Holiday Lighting Tips by Salt Lake City Electrician was last modified: September 7th, 2018 by Brian Hortin