So you’ve finally decided to get yourself a brand new backup generator. Great choice! But what benefits do you stand to gain from installing a backup generator?

Pleasant Grove Generator Installation

generator outsideWhy Install A Generator In Pleasant Grove?

  • Readily Available Source Of Electricity

    Having a backup generator ensures that your home has a steady power supply all year long, even when unexpected natural disasters such as heavy rain or snowstorms occur.

    The size and type of generator installed on your property largely depends on how much electricity you and your family use either monthly or yearly.

    A professional electrician like Captain Electric helps choose the right unit that suits both your needs and your bank balance without sacrificing its durability.

  • Stressless Refueling

    With many of the modern standby generators, you do not have to put yourself at risk of hypothermia by going out in the storm to top up your generator fuel tank.

    Most generator units are installed to eliminate the need to go back and forth between the house and generator shed.

    Your peace of mind is guaranteed even in the stormiest weather, as you wouldn’t have to rush down to the nearest gas station, wondering if you have enough fuel to wait out the impending storm – literally!

  • Increased Property Value

    Installing a backup generator on your property, especially if it is a whole-home generator set that caters to all your property’s electricity needs, is a sure-fire way to increase the value of your property.

    Your house automatically becomes more appealing to prospective buyers because they are not only buying a beautiful house if you decide to sell. They are also buying the added peace of mind that comes with having your steady source of power supply, just in case!

    Factors To Consider Before Installing A Generator In Pleasant Grove

    Below are some important factors to consider before writing your local generator merchant a check for that brand new generator you’ve been seeing on the news.

  • Power Output Rating

    You should only choose or buy a generator whose power output rating either exceeds or meets the maximum electricity needs of your home.

    To properly estimate how much power your home would need, hire a professional electrician near you from us at Captain Electric, and get valuable suggestions on the type of generator to buy and install.

  • Size

    The size of your generator also depends on the purpose for which you’re installing it. Whether it’s serving as a temporary backup solution or to be a standby electricity source, this and other factors like capacity influence your generator size.

  • Installation

    After paying for and receiving your generator from the manufacturer of the distribution company, the next big question is “who do I call to install this for me?”

    All you need to do is to reach out to us on any of our numbers below and we’d be delighted to schedule an appointment with one of our exceptionally qualified technicians

Pleasant Grove Generator Repair

generator set up outside houseGenerator repair in Pleasant Grove doesn’t have to be such a chore if you’re a homeowner with a backup generator to power your home when there are unexpected blackouts.

That feeling of being a – literal – beacon of light for your neighbors on nights can be quite exhilarating!

Making sure your generator remains in tip-top shape should therefore be a top priority for any homeowner to continue to enjoy constant light supply come rainstorm, come sunshine.

Why Should I Hire A Generator Repair Expert?

The only way your generator gets the proper attention and care it deserves is by hiring a professional generator repair expert and here are some reasons why this is so:

  • It Is Cost-Effective

    All machines require regular maintenance and having a professional handle your generator repairs ensures you get the most out of your machines, even when you’ve exhausted your warranty cover.

    You wouldn’t want to pay more than you bargained for to rectify any complications that may arise from having an amateur handle your generator, even though this may rarely be the case.

    Regularly scheduling your generator checkups over time is a great way to enjoy discounted offers on repairs and maintenance and many good generator repair companies, including us, offer such packages.

  • You’re Insured

    Any generator repairer that wishes to be certified as a professional must have a license, and because we take our jobs – and your needs – seriously, we make sure that we have enough insurance to cover your property in case we damage anything while working on your machine.

    If your machine is still under warranty, a professionally certified generator repairer can help keep it that way, and notify you of any manufacturer updates that may require having your machine recalled.

    Hiring a professional ensures you exempt your generator from repair services that are below industry standards and also reduces the frequency of technician-related mistakes that may ultimately be too costly to remedy.

  • Guaranteed Quality Service

    How well a service is rendered by a technician depends on his (or her) skill, knowledge, and experience in handling different machines.

With Captain Electric, you can rest assured knowing that your generator repairs and maintenance are being handled by professionals who have the tools, experience, skill, and motivation to get the job done.

Choosing a generator repairer from us is entering a service agreement that is only considered completed when you are satisfied with the results of our work.

Hiring a Pleasant Grove Generator Repairer near you is as easy as reaching out to us.

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