Captain Electric of Utah knows how important it is to stay connected with the world today. That’s why we are proud to partner with some of the largest providers of generators to bring expert installation, repair, and maintenance services to Mapleton.

By partnering with companies like Generac and Honeywell, we are able to offer services like no other electrician around. Our technicians go through training provided straight from the manufacturers and have to pass quality checks. You can be certain that we are the best to call when it comes to your generator.

Mapleton Generator Installation

generator installation in MapletonIf you’ve ever experienced a blackout in the middle of a winter storm, then you’re familiar with the frequent head bumps and near-falls from groping in the dark in search of the emergency halogen lamp you probably never imagined you’d be needing so soon!

Scary, and stressful stuff. But, if this hasn’t happened to you, and you certainly don’t want it to, then a backup generator is your best solution.

Steps To Take Before Installing A Generator In Your House In Mapleton

  1. Electrical Needs Assessment

    Before buying and installing a generator, you need to know the general electrical characteristics of your home as well as determine the best location to install your generator.

    This is where having the services of a licensed electrician is essential. His training and expertise put him in the best position to analyze your home’s electricity needs, bearing your preferences in mind as he estimates your electrical load and maps out an installation plan to best meet your needs.

  2. Select Your Generator

    The second factor to consider when choosing a generator for your home or business is how much of your electrical needs you want your backup generator to handle. Size is very important in this stage, as the bigger your generator, the higher its capacity.

    You’d need to calculate the total wattage of every home appliance you want to be backed up on your generator (known as the ‘constant wattage’) and make sure to choose a generator that not only meets the ‘constant wattage’ rating but exceeds it.

  3. Choose A Suitable Location

    It is advisable to pick a spot that is easily accessible and near your home’s fuel source and electrical hookups for easy connection.

    You should also take particular care to make sure the site of installation is far away from doors, windows, and water sources to reduce the risk of pollution and suffocation.

    It is good practice to construct a concrete pad for your generator to rest on. This makes sure that your generator set is above water at all times and is secured in the event of unstable weather conditions.

  4. Obtain All Necessary Permits

    You may need to apply for and obtain some permits – from electrical to plumbing to structural permits – from your municipality before you’re allowed to install a generator.

  5. Your local homeowner’s association (HOA) may also have some rules and guidelines regarding generator installation, which you must adhere to so you don’t end up jeopardizing the lives and properties of your loved ones and neighbors.

    Installing a generator in Mapleton doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck; not when you have tested and trusted licensed professionals near you at Captain Electric. Our electrical contractors are ready to provide you with a stress-free installation.

    Mapleton Generator Repair

    repairing generator in MapletonElectricity is an important part of our nation, including Mapleton. We need it for almost every part of our lives, like cooking, laundry, entertainment, air conditioning, and a host of other things. However, sometimes things can go wrong, like a power plant accident, a hurricane, or a big storm, and this leads to the loss of power. In these situations, a generator becomes useful, providing a reliable source of power.

    Benefits of Generator Use

    • You remain comfortable even in emergencies
    • Safety from stumbling in darkness resulting in accidents
    • Prevents damage to devices, or stored food
    • Maintaining your home air quality

    What Happens When Your Generator Malfunctions?

    Generators are machines; it means that there is some level of technicality to them. As a generator owner, one thing you should do is to be consistent with maintenance and servicing. This is the best way to ensure that when you need it, it works properly and is in an optimal state. Emergencies are not a great time to have your generator malfunction.

    If your generator does malfunction, it might be because of any of the following reasons. You can try troubleshooting before calling an electrician in Mapleton for generator repair:

    • The generator may be low on fuel
    • The battery may be dead
    • The generator may be low on oil
    • The air filter might be dirty
    • There is a problem with the low oil sensor
    • The spark plug may be bad
    • The carburetor may be clogged
    • The choke might be too closed or too open

    When You Can’t Figure It Out

    If you are not a very resourceful person with technical things, then you may need to consider hiring an electrician in Mapleton. Fortunately, we are licensed electricians that can carry out an Mapleton generator repair. We repair all kinds of generators, including portable and whole-house.

    With years of experience and licensed electricians, we guarantee you top-notch services and an optimal functioning generator.

    What to Expect:

    When you hire us for your generator repair, these are some things to expect from our services:

    • A thorough diagnosis
    • Extra analysis on other aspects of the generator to ensure that the generator is fit in every aspect. This means that we will offer proactive maintenance, replace worn parts, fluids, and filters where necessary.
    • A reliable, responsive, and flexible service so that after your one-off repair, you can enjoy regular generator maintenance.
    • Top-notch workmanship with licensed and experienced electricians.
    • Extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of the generator equipment.
    • Affordable prices and tangible value for your money.
    • Detailed service reports laying out every information, whether major or minor, including information for extra service offered.
    • We only work with quality parts, and components approved by well-trusted manufacturers. You will not have to worry about a component breaking down after a short time.
    • Longevity of work done. As a result of our quality workmanship, whenever a problem is fixed you save time and money.

    Call us today and schedule an appointment.

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