Lehi is a city located in Utah County, Utah. In 2010, it saw a rapid growth in the population due to the rapid development of the tech industry. Known as the Silicon Slopes, this region has been recognized as an emerging foce in the technology sector.

generator outside houseSince the city is so “up and coming”, many families find their homes here. When purchasing a home, it’s important to think of long term factors that might affect the area — such as storms and snowfall. Lehi sees about 33 inches of snow every year. While rain storms aren’t as common, the city sees precipitation about 80 days out of the year. Weather can be unpredictable, that’s why it’s important to be prepared for everything. A whole home generator installed in Lehi can help!

Generator Installation by Lehi Electricians

Installing a generator can give you a peace of mind knowing that if a disaster strikes you can still be in contact with your loved ones. If a snow storm hits and takes out power, you can still be connected to news outlets to see what is going on around. Just the thought of being secure when you lose power is reason alone to install a generator.

Having power when everyone is in the dark is another reason. If your power goes off during a cold wintery night, you’re going to want to have a generator to keep you and your family warm. A whole home generator kicks right in and keeps your home warm when the power turns off.

How does the generator keep the power on when the electricity turns off?

When an accident, storm, or surge takes out your power, a generator is designed to detect the issue and turn on. Within a few seconds, a generator will get your power back up and running. The good thing is: you don’t really have to do anything and you don’t even have to be home. An automatic backup generator will keep your power on no matter where you are.

Once the power is restore by your Lehi utility provider, your generator knows what to do. The automatic switch changes the power from the generator to the provider power. It’s almost as if nothing happened.

What is a generator installation process like?

The team at Captain Electric has been installing generators for years. We are proud to be preferred installers for Honeywell and Generac. Our installation process is pretty solid by now.

The first step we take is to find the best location for your generator. An ideal location will be close to a natural gas line if possible as this will help save you money. We will also need to make sure there is enough space around the generator to perform maintenance.

Once we find a good location, the next step is to install a concreate slab or pea gravel. This will create the foundation for the generator to be installed on.

The generator is then placed on top of the foundation and connected. We will connect the generator to your fuel line and add a transfer switch which will allow the generator to power off and on as needed.

Lastly, one of our technicians will create a simulation of an outage. This is to test to make sure the generator is running correctly and you can rely on it turning on in the case of an emergency.

generac generator installationWhen you choose Captain Electric as your generator installer, you get the added benefits that come with choosing a preferred installer. Right now, we offer two warranties on Generac and Honeywell generator.

Generac Generator Warranty
7 year warranty on Generac Generators through Generac. $700 value — free to all Captain Electric of Utah customers. This warranty covers parts and labor up to 7 years from installation date.

Honeywell Generator Warranty
5 year comprehensive warranty on air-cooled emergency generators.

Give us a call to discuss the best option for you!

Generator Repair in Lehi

All household appliances need maintenance. Otherwise, they can break down and stop working properly. If you find yourself needing generator repair, our team of certified electricians have your back.

Being a preferred installer, we have the knowledge and skills to get your generator back up and running.

Honestly, it’s easy to forget that you even have a generator. It’s mostly used in emergencies and it runs itself so it might go forgotten for years. However, if you notice that something seems off when it is running, you need to contact a professional to check things out. When you call us will we send someone out to inspect all aspects of the generator to see what could be causing the issue.

How can you tell when your generator needs repairs?

Some Signs Your Generator Needs To Be Repaired

Visible Damage

generator installationExamine the outside of your generator and check for any signs of damage. After a storm, there may be branches down so check for any dents or scratches. Touch the generator check for any loose pieces. If you notice any damage, this could mean it’s time for a repair.

Issues with Starting

The last thing you want is for your generator not to start when it’s needed. Be sure to test that your generator is turning on properly every once in a while. If we are installing your generator, our technicians can show you how to simulate an outage so that you can test the generator every so often. If there are any signs of trouble turning on, it’s time for a repair.

Electrical Damage

In addition to the unit itself, it’s also important to check for damage to the electrical components of the generator. When inspecting the exterior of the generator, be sure to keep an eye out for any loose electrical wires or buttons. Make sure that the generator is powered off before you touch anything electrical.


A generator will need fuel and coolant to keep it running. If you notice any leaks or smell any weird smells around your generator, it may be a good time to call an electrician to come check things out.

Regardless of if there’s visible damage or you notice there is something wrong, if you think something is wrong with your generator, give us a call to come out. We will send a technician out to asses your situation and make sure your Lehi generator is running great!

Yearly Maintenance for Generators

Before a repair is necessary, it can potentially be stopped by a yearly check up. It’s important to keep your generator properly maintained. Not only will this save you money in the long run but you can be certain that your generator will turn on when it’s needed.

All appliances will deteriorate over time. A generator is no different. With a regular maintenance schedule, your generator can keep giving for years and years. The only way to be certain that your generator will be there when you need it is to check in on it every once in a while.

During a yearly maintenance appointment with Captain Electric, we will inspect, clean, add, and/or replace whatever it needs. A full list of generator maintenance items can be found here.

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