generator installationThe beautiful city of Highland, with its population, is a great place to live. You enjoy brilliant weather and a reasonable cost of living. Highland leads in economic development in the region, and even though the housing is a little pricey, it’s well worth it.

The city is surrounded by hiking trails, lakes, mountain peaks and so much more. However, there will be times when the weather is out of control and this may lead to a power outage. In such cases, you should have an alternative source of power. Usually, this source of power could be solar panels or it could be a generator. A generator is much more reasonable because power outages can occur because of unfavorable weather and chances that you will enjoy sunlight are slim.

Highland Generator Installation

Reasons Why a Generator is Important

As we have said, a power backup is important, and a generator is a much better power backup. Here are some reasons you might need to carry out a generator installation:

  • Even in emergencies, it will not throw you off guard or leave you stranded and unproductive.
  • You still get to stay comfortable when there’s a power outage.
  • Your air quality is important, and a generator makes sure that it remains in good condition.
  • It prevents the electrical devices/appliances from undergoing damage.
  • You get to preserve your food properly, without undergoing major food loss because of the power outage.
  • The generator ensures safety so that you do not stumble in the dark and hurt yourself.

Factors to Consider When Going for a Generator Installation

When considering a Highland generator installation, there are several factors to look out for. These factors help guide your decision making and include:

  • Size

    The generator size is one of the first things to consider when going for a generator installation. This depends on what items you would want to be powered. If the items are few and small, then a smaller generator would be appropriate. However, if you intend to power your entire home, then you will need a bigger one.

  • Placement

    The placement determines how much work will be put into completing the installation. We advise you to choose a placement in the middle of the gas meter and the electric meter or at least five feet from the lot line.

  • Permits

    For a Highland generator installation, you will need to receive the necessary permits and approvals. When you hire an electrical contractor from Captain electric, we help you sort this out.

  • Noise

    Different generators run differently. For gas generators, they run quietly without being noisy, but the diesel generators produce high noise levels which may affect your ear or that of your household. You could also consider an enclosure that attenuates the sound.

  • Maintenance

    All generators need to be maintained by a professional electrician. If you live in Highland, you will need a Highland electrician to help maintain your generator to avoid failure during emergencies.

  • Generator Installer

    It matters who you hire for your generator installation. You will need an electrician with experience, and you can search for “electrician near me”.

Highland Generator Repair

generator outside houseHighland has the highest population in Davis County, and the ninth highest in Utah. The city is a leader when it comes to economic development and is one of the most pleasant places to live in Utah.

Most residents own their own homes in Highland, and if you are one of them, then chances are you own a backup generator. Owning a generator is important and you probably already know this, but let’s talk a little about it.

Why is a Generator Important?

Studies say that power outages occur 3,000 times in the United States and affect about forty-one million individuals. A generator is important because when these power outages occur, usually because of natural disasters like a storm, flood, or tsunami, you will need a backup. This helps you minimize the severity of the power outage and keeps you plugged in.

Signs Your Generator May Need a Repair

Generators are backup plans, and it is dreadful when your backup fails you. It is important to look out for certain signs so that you can get a professional electrician to fix them. These are some signs you may need a generator repair service:

  • Leaks

    If you have an old generator, there might be a leak already in the system. Leaks mostly occur in the storage pans, hoses, or lines. Situations with leaking are rough when they appear because the leaking materials are things like coolant, fuel, or oil, all of which are pretty messy. This will lead to a breakdown of your generator in the long run. If you notice any leaks, hire an electrician to fix this up.

  • Electrical Problems

    The generator’s electrical components can become worn out after an extended period and this may cause your generator to eventually break down. Plus, it can become a fire hazard when mixed with the generator fuel. If you have an old generator, check the wires and other electrical components and if you notice any wear out, hire a generator repair expert like the ones from Captain Electric to take care of this.

  • Startup Troubles

    Since it is a backup generator, it may sit idly for such a long time that the battery gets drained. This may lead to the damage of other parts of the generator set internally. This is most likely the case when you try to start your generator after a long period, and it does not budge. It may shut off prematurely, you may have to restart over and over, it may stutter while trying to stay on, or it may not come on at all. If you experience any of this, then it may be time to consider a generator repair in Highland.

Hiring a Professional Electrician

If you notice any of these challenges with your generator, then schedule a generator repair in Highland. We advise against doing this yourself unless you have experience and professional knowledge; you should handle electrical devices with care.

Simply search for “generator repairer near me” if you stay in Highland. Or skip the hassle and contact Captain Electric for your Highland generator repair.

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