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Draper is one of the most ideal places to live in Utah. It is easy to own a home here — you get the suburban feel because there are great schools, beautiful neighborhoods, and lots of parks.

Draper Generator Installation

If you are new to the neighborhood or have been here for a while and need a Draper generator installation service, we have written this for you.

Benefits of Using a Generator

  • It ensures safety during power outages so that you or your children do not stumble in the dark
  • Helps protect food or devices from damage
  • It keeps you comfortable even during emergencies or power outages
  • It maintains the air quality in your home

Things to Consider Before the Generator Installation

  • Power Needs

    Before making a generator purchase, you should assess your home power needs, check your appliances and other devices, and draw out an estimate of your power needs. You should also leave room for the possibility of more appliances and devices. If you do not consider this, your generator may struggle to handle the load of your home, or it may damage your appliances. So, it is vital to perform an energy audit first.

    The generator size, of course, affects how much load the generator can handle. The larger the generator, the larger its capacity.

  • Suitable Location/Placement

    The placement decision is an important step in the installation of your generator. For example, it is advisable to choose a spot that can be accessed easily, that is close to the electrical hookups and the fuel source.

    You also want to make sure the generator is far away from your door, water sources, or window as it may lead to complications like suffocation, contamination, noise or smoke pollution, and the likes. Also consider constructing a concrete pad to rest your generator on, to keep it above water and safe under unstable weather conditions.

  • Maintenance Services

    Since it will only be a backup generator, this means that it will often stay unused for long periods. So, it is important to set up and schedule maintenance and repairs to avoid being taken by surprise.

  • Noise

    Different generators may or not emit noise. Gas generators, for example, run quietly, but diesel generators produce noise that may be harmful to the ears. You can use an enclosure to curb the noise for both still.

  • Obtain Permits

    A permit application may be necessary, and your homeowner’s association may have guidelines or rules on generator installation. You must adhere to these rules in order not to jeopardize the lives and properties of others. You could also let the electrical contractor handle this.

Your generator installation process does not need to wear you out. You can easily find an electrician or generator installer to get the job done for you. All you have to do is simply find an electrician near you, like Captain Electric. We are trusted electrical professionals that are licensed to offer electrical services, including Draper generator installation service.

Draper Generator Repair

generator installationIf you live in Draper, Utah, then you are certainly familiar with its beautiful sceneries, gorgeous neighborhoods, and affordable living cost. All of this makes this city so great to live in, including its stable electricity. However, it is important to make electricity standby arrangements. Thanks to the generator’s dependability with electricity in situations like power outages, it has become a necessity in every home or business environment.

Common Generator Problems

If your generator has run into a problem, there are a couple of reasons why this could be happening. Before considering a generator repair, we’ve listed a few common generator problems to check with your generator;

  • Leaks

    A generator may leak, causing it to malfunction. It could be a coolant, oil, or fuel leak, and you can prevent these kinds of leaks when there are regular maintenance checks. If you notice your generator is leaking anything at all, get a generator repairer to fix it.

  • Low Coolant

    Low coolant could cause a malfunction in your generator, leading to overheating, which can ruin the rotor, bearings, exhaust valves, alternator, and more. If you have been adding coolant frequently, it may be a leak problem too.

  • No Fuel

    This is a simple problem that can be solved by simply refueling. However, you should also check for leaks.

When Do you need a Generator Repairer?

It can be a disaster when there is a power outage and your generator malfunctions or has an issue. Sometimes, you may be able to handle it yourself, but most of the time, you will need to hire an electrician near you to help. These are a few ways to know that you need an electrician:

  • Visible damage

    It is not advisable to ignore visible damages after noticing them, as things could easily get worse. Some examples of visible damages include frayed or worn-out wires, broken pull cords, corrosion, exterior dents.

  • Start-up Delays

    Start-up delays are a sign that your generator may have an internal problem. It may mean that your fuel filter is bad, that you need new fuel, or that there is some sludge in the tank. The generator may eventually start, but don’t ignore delays.

  • Inconsistent Power

    When your generator keeps turning off and on randomly but seems to work eventually, you may ignore it, but you shouldn’t. Inconsistent power could show up as flickering lights and is an indicator of internal damage or power supply problems. You should hire an electrical contractor to fix this.

  • Strange Noise or Smell

    Generators should not have strange smells or make an unusual noise. When this happens, it could be a sign of a gas leak, an overworked unit, or low fuel. These sounds could come in form of humming, squeaking, or rattling.

When it comes down to needing a generator repairer, Captain Electric will diagnose the problem and fix the malfunctions, and we offer Draper generator repair service. Call us today to get your generator back on track.

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