As the nation plunges into freezing temperatures and brutal winter weather, there are plenty of people who are without power as a result of the storms. Ice that builds up on power lines is notorious for cutting power. Snow storms and heavy winds are also common during these winter months. This is a combination for power outages at a time when you need your furnace the most. For this reason, you need a generator. Salt Lake City residents can trust Captain Electric, LLC to complete the installation process.

Standby generators are different than portable generators and are considered a permanent fixture rather than a temporary, portable solution. A standby generator is directly wired into your home, which is why you need professional generator installation. Salt Lake City homeowners will appreciate the convenience and durability of a standby generator over its counterpart. There is no need to run extension cords or worry about trudging through the snow to pull the portable generator out of the shed. Not to mention, the standby generators are encased in housing which helps muffle the noise. This is better for you and your neighbors.

The generator is hard-wired into your home’s electrical panel and equipped with a transfer switch that automatically transfers your home’s power from the main power grid to the generator. Basically, no fuss, no muss on your part. You can stay inside where it is safe and warm after you have had an electrician install generator. Salt Lake City homeowners will appreciate the peace of mind a standby generator brings. You won’t have to worry about keeping your family warm if the power goes out. In fact, your family will be able to maintain a fairly normal routine despite the power outage. If you would like to schedule your appointment to have a generator installed, give Captain Electric, LLC a call today.

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