A generator will save your family from sitting in the dark for hours or possibly days in the event of a major storm. Severe weather is a part of life. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, you could be left without power in the aftermath of a storm for extended periods. A power outage will have numerous effects on your home and family. You risk food spoiling, leaving your family to live on canned goods and costing you money in lost food. Little ones may be frightened in the dark and there could be an issue with safety.

Generator for Emergency Power

It is a good idea to consider a generator installation. Salt Lake City is fortunate to be out of the path of some of the more serious storms in the summer, but a severe winter storm is not unheard of. Keep your family warm during a harsh winter storm with a generator. Salt Lake City electricians can help you install a generator for your home.

Homeowners have the option of a hard-wired or portable generator. If you are looking for a plan that is convenient and easy to use, the first option is your best bet. An electrician will connect the generator to your home and install a transfer switch. When the power goes out, the switch can be manually turned on or set to switch to the backup power automatically. It is critical a qualified electrician does the install generator. Salt Lake City power company workers could be seriously injured or killed if the install is not completed properly.

If you prefer the portable generator, you have the option of dedicating one breaker to a few areas of the house. This breaker can be wired to an electric cord that is plugged into a portable generator. This will save you the hassle of running numerous extension cords. If you are interested in a portable or hard-wire generator installation, Captain Electric, LLC can certainly help you make it happen.

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