You have made the decision to equip your home with a generator; so now what? You will need to do some research on your own or by contacting an experienced group of professionals who can help you make a final decision about your generator. Salt Lake City residents can rely on Captain Electric, LLC to help them choose the right generator for their home. There are numerous sizes available. The size of your home will be a factor as well as the amount of power you want to have produced by your generator.

Prior to your appointment with an electrician, have a list of things in your home you want powered when the electricity is out. This may include just the basics like a few key lights and the refrigerator or several rooms powered along with space heaters or portable fans. If you rely on a well pump for water, you will likely want to have that powered as well.

These are things you will want to discuss with your electrician before the generator installation. Salt Lake City homeowners will need to communicate these wishes in order for the installer to connect the specific outlets. Along with the installation process, a transfer switch will need to be installed. This is basically the brain of the generator. It is an automatic switch that switches the power to the home to come from the generator as soon as the main power fails. The switch is crucial to the safety of the linemen. It as an absolute must and cannot simply be skipped.

Because of the serious safety concerns and the sheer technicality to install generator, Salt Lake City residents will need to call a professional to handle the job. Captain Electric, LLC has the experience you are looking for and would love to talk with you more about your generator needs.

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