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It is an important question. With the possibility of storms, power outages, and other threats to dependable electricity, an emergency generator is becoming a must-have for most homes.

Many homeowners already own an emergency generator. So should you join the bandwagon or not?
In this article, we will discuss possible reasons and things to be considered to answer your question.

So, yes, you will need an emergency generator if:

Your home depends on electricity
This is the first and most important question to ask yourself. If the power goes out today, what would happen? Are all your home’s major appliances electric? For example, if your water heater and stove use natural gas, you might not need an emergency generator except for convenience.

You have the space for a generator in your home
A generator capable of powering your entire home is most likely going to be big. It would require space to operate and be stored when not in use and a covering to protect it. The generator also needs to be some distance away from living areas to protect you and your family from inhaling its fumes.

It is allowed in your neighborhood
Some who wish to own an emergency generator are unable to because of this primary factor. A generator supplies power but often with a lot of noise. Find out how noisy the generator you intend to buy might be and then find out if such can be allowed in your neighborhood.

You can afford it
As a homeowner, you know that comfort always comes at a price. A generator is not a small project. Some cost as much as $20, 000. Yours might be cheaper, but it’s still a large investment once you include the installation fees and fueling.

You have a space to store fuel
A generator will need to be fueled. This means getting a large gallon that is tightly covered and filling it with fuel to store for emergencies. You have to keep this gallon away from living areas just like the generator. If you will leave the fuel unused for some days, consider a fuel stabilizing additive.

You have essential electrical needs
Electricity makes life easier but there are also essential electrical needs. This may include the use of medical equipment. Does someone in your home require electricity to power a medical kit or equipment? If so, an emergency generator can always come in handy.

You don’t have an alternative
Alternative power sources that can keep you comfortable during a power outage include solar chargers, power banks, or even available power in a public space. However, if you are not so lucky and there is food that might go bad in the fridge, appliances that require power, and a low battery mobile device, then you should consider staying prepared with an emergency generator.

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