If you have an electrical system in need of maintenance or repair, need an electrical upgrade or two, or have an electrical project in mind, you’ll want to choose a Salt Lake City electrician that really cares about helping you to get the job done, in a manner that is as efficient and affordable as possible. There are many local electricians, but few that offer the type of customer care that demonstrates a real team investment in meeting your electrical needs and goals with top quality work, as cost-effectively as possible, even if that makes the job less profitable for them.

How a company does business can tell you a lot about the sort of people that run it, and that is as true when seeking an electrician in Salt Lake City UT as it is with anything else. The type of people working with a company is a pretty good indicator of what type of service you can expect, whether or not this is a company that really cares about you and your project. Of the reputable electrical contracting companies working in the Salt Lake City area, there is one in particular that really stands out from the regional competition, and it’s Captain Electric.

Captain Electric is a family owned and operated electrician Salt Lake City UT services company that has been serving the commercial and residential electrical needs of the Salt Lake City region for about two decades. Family owned is an important part of how this company defines itself and its customer care objectives. This is a company made of real, hardworking people that understand how things are for most people trying to make it in the world today. That is why Captain Electric makes top quality work at reasonable prices such a high priority. Their caring approach to serving their customers is reflected in their special discount for single parents, teachers, military people, and senior citizens.

That’s not the only way that Captain Electric demonstrates a real caring for for its customers. When an electrician in Salt Lake City UT from Captain Electric arrives at your home, you can rest assured that, in addition to being fully insured and licensed, your technician has undergone thorough a background check, and they have a zero tolerance drug policy.  Respect and courtesy are as much a part of a Captain Electric electrician as that technician’s uniform and tools. This company guarantees it, literally. If one of this company’s electricians ever swears or smokes on a job at your home or business, the service call is free.

If you are experiencing symptoms that indicate you may have an electrical system problem, you can call Captain Electric with your questions. Captain Electric offers free over the phone assistance and also maintains a section of their website for the purpose of providing electrical system maintenance information and troubleshooting tips. This company provides a lifetime guarantee on the work of each Captain Electric Salt Lake City electrician, something it can do because it strives to hire only the best in the region, personally and professionally. Keep in mind that if one of their electricians shows up late to a service call, you and a friend are going out to dinner and a movie, courtesy of Captain Electric, in apology.

Captain Electric is all about customer care and quality work. A family business is exactly that – a family. They know what families face today, which is why the focus is on providing quality work at affordable prices. When you call Captain Electric to make a service call appointment with a Salt Lake City electrician, you can count on the fact that Captain Electric cares about the kind of person they send to your home or business, and can rely on their professional ability and integrity. They are invested in helping you to meet your electrical needs and goals.

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