Most homeowners find themselves in need of electrical upgrades somewhere in their home at one time or another. This is mostly attributed to the fact that we are using an increasing amount of electricity, and many older homes are just not equipped with the support required to handle our everyday electrical load. To streamline the process of updating your wiring, start with a little planning of your own. You can then call an electrician Salt Lake City.


For your electrician to add an outlet here or a switch there is typically a fairly simple job. Performing larger electrical upgrades, however, can greatly increase the load on your electrical service. Under most circumstances, 1 in 4 homes will require an electrical service upgrade before any wiring can be added to that home.

For this reason, it is important to think to your future electrical usage whenever having any upgrades performed. Make a plan that both accounts for your current needs, and what you feel like you may need in the future.

Sticking to Standards

Whenever you live in an older home, safety is also an important factor when considering an electrical upgrade. Most older homes were not equipped with electrical systems that are capable of handling the amount of electricity that the average household uses on a day-to-day basis. One of the most important safety upgrades performed on older homes is the installation of grounded outlets and GFCI outlets. By ensuring that your electrical system is properly grounded, you give any excess electricity a safe pathway out of your home and into the ground.

Whenever you have a fairly good plan of what types of electrical upgrades and changes you may need, then it is time to give an electrician in Salt Lake City, such as Captain Electric, a call. It would be our pleasure to help you with any of your electrical needs, from start to finish.

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