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electrical repairsSalt Lake is a populous city with lots to do and enjoy. It is a great place to live and also a hub of electrical contractors. Electrical problems occur when you least expect it but if you take the time to observe, there will be significant signs before the final damage is done.

Here are some signs to look out for in your Salt Lake City home to know when to call an electrician.

Flickering, buzzing, or dimming lights
Lights in homes can flicker just like they do in scary movies. They can also buzz like insects or seem to lose some of their power which is described as dimming. Common causes of either of these issues are damaged wiring, improper installation, loose or damaged bulbs, and more.

A burning smell or electrical sparks
Nothing says faulty electrical wiring like a burning smell or sparking outlets. The burning smell of any electrical component is unmistakable. Sometimes, this burning smell might indicate that the electrical fire has already begun, or that there is a high amount of heat being produced from an outlet. Whatever is the case, burning smells and sparks are dangerous and can lead to loss of life and property.

If you experience mild or serious shocks when touching an outlet, it means there is an electrical problem. If the shock leads to feelings of pain. Headaches, or any other strange symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

Hot, vibrating, or loose power outlets
It is possible to know if the electrical outlet in your home has gone bad simply by touching it. You might sometimes feel warmth and/or vibration. The outlet might even hang loosely from the wall. Do not use an outlet in such conditions.

Tripping breaker
Home circuit breakers are designed to trip during overloaded conditions or when there is a sudden change in power demands. While this is necessary for your protection, frequent trips send a different message. Such indicates a deep and dangerous problem in the electrical system.

Home Electrical Repair From Captain Electric
These are a few of the possible electrical signs you might experience in the home. When you notice these signs or are faced with a completely damaged system, it is best to call a professional, experienced, licensed, and insured electrician. A professional electrician with experience and a license knows exactly what they are doing when they step into your home.

At Captain Electric, we give you no reason to fret or fear when we tackle your electrical needs. We identify, repair, replace, or maintain your electrical system. We respond to your calls in Salt Lake City promptly and work as fast as possible to restore order and efficiency to your home. We prioritize your electrical safety, comfort in your home, and satisfaction with the service. Reach out to us today for any electrical problems.

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