In the past, home generators were a piece of machinery that folks who lived in remote areas would have. When the power went out, which tends to happen often in extremely rural areas, folks would drag out their big, loud gas-powered generator and start running electrical cords from the lights and the refrigerator out a window or a door and to the generator.

Nowadays, even people who live in the city are benefiting from a generator installation. Salt Lake City residents realize power outages are a problem that affect more than just the outskirts of town. Although it may not be feasible for 20 people on the block to pull out their noisy portable generators, there is another option.

Hard-Wired Generators

Homeowners and business owners have the option of having a generator hard-wired to their homes and business offices. This means you can still have power without the fuss and muss of a portable generator. An electrician will need to install generator. Salt Lake City homeowners and business owners can talk with Captain Electric, LLC to discuss their options.

A generator that has been hard-wired into a home or building ensures life carries on as normally as possible during a power outage. At home, the television still works, the refrigerator keeps the food cold and the lights are powered. At work, there is no need to shut the doors and miss out on lost revenue because of a power outage.

Within a matter of seconds of the power from the main grid going out, a backup generator Salt Lake City will automatically switch on and restore power. It will be up to a homeowner to decide if every light and appliance in the home is powered or only a select few. The size of the generator installed will determine what can still be powered.  

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