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emergency generator installationAn emergency generator is just what it sounds like – a source of power during an emergency.

Power outages are not a strange thing, especially with weather disturbances like storms occurring more often than anyone likes. When this happens, you need to keep your home running for several reasons.

If you are not sure why or if you need an emergency generator, read on to use these key considerations.

  • Your home appliances

    When the power goes off any electrical appliance in the home goes off too and this can include medical equipment, refrigerators, water heater, oven and stove, and so on. So you need to consider food spoilage or if the person using an electrical medical appliance in your home can cope without it for the duration of the power outage.

  • Flood damage

    Your electric sump pump needs electricity to run and help you combat possible flooding issues. With an emergency generator, you can keep the sump pump working and protect your home.

  • Space for an emergency generator
    It’s not enough to want an emergency generator. You also need to consider if you have space for it.

    A generator is no small device and the size you choose can be anywhere from medium to very large depending on the needs of your home. You need an accessible space to store the generator, operate it, and maintain it.

    Also, consider that this has to be some distance from the home because of the noise. The space should also have a covering to protect the generator from sun or rain.

    The same goes for a space to store fuel. Use plastic storage cans that close firmly and store them in a covered safe area away from the home and fire sources.

  • Weigh the alternative
    If you don’t have an emergency generator, what is your alternative power source in the case of an outage? With a reliable and suitable alternative, you might not need an emergency generator.

What We Think At Captain Electric

An emergency generator is no doubt important to keep your home safe and running during a storm. It also keeps you calm and gives peace of mind as the hours drag on. There may be alternatives but very few come with the comfort and convenience of an emergency generator. We will be glad to provide further insight or advice on this.

Now that you have decided

If you have decided that you need an emergency generator there are other factors that come in play.

  • Choosing the generator
    This can easily be a daunting task. Choosing an emergency generator involves identifying your home needs, brands available, and more. An electrical technician can provide great insight into this.
  • Hiring someone for the installation
    You need to hire a professional to ensure the safe and smooth installation of the emergency generator. The professional electrician can help you install a standby generator that comes on as soon as the power goes out.

The Captain Electric, LLC team has the experience and the skills to provide you with the best automatic generator installation in Wasatch Front Area. We cover jobs from office buildings to the smallest residence. Expect nothing less than the best customer support, service, technicians, and generator installation from us. We’re prepared to get you started on the road to emergency readiness today.

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