salt lake city generatorIt’s a big question but in recent times when blackouts and storms have made known the importance of electrical power, the answer should be obvious. A whole house generator is a costly investment, but we’d like to think we make them affordable. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

What makes this a necessity to efficient homes? Read the points below to help you make an informed decision.

What are whole house generators?

They can also be called standby generators and they provide power to an entire home. Whole house generators are installed as a permanent addition to the home. They can provide uninterrupted backup power supply for days because they are connected to the electrical power of the home and an external supply of fuel.

How do whole house generators work?

When the automatic transfer switch detects an interruption in your power supply, it disconnects you from the utility and connects to the generator. The switch starts up the generator before transferring power to your electrical panel. This takes only a few seconds or minutes.

The internal combustion energy of the generator is fueled by a local gas supply. If natural gas isn’t available, the engine can run on a store of liquid propane or diesel nearby. These systems all run on a finite amount of fuel which can shut off or provide only limited fuel if affected by the storm. When the power from your utility comes back the same switch turns off the generator and reconnects you to the municipal power supply.

This seamless and convenient operation makes a whole house generator ideal for a home with elderly people and young children and businesses who need constant power. It is generally safe and efficient.

What about installation?

As we mentioned before, a whole house generator is a costly investment and installing it only raises this cost. First, you have to check for noise ordinances in your area that restrict the installation of generators. Then you need a professional, licensed, and experienced electrician to work on the installation. These professionals will discuss everything including local gas supply with you.

A whole house generator installation is not a DIY project- you just can’t wiggle your way through this one with minimal skills. You will need permits to begin and inspections when the project is complete.

Maintenance and capacity

To help you spend less check the capacity of the generator and determine what suits you best. The higher the capacity of the generator the more circuits it can serve easily. You have to consider using all or just some circuits during a loss of municipal power. A professional will help you calculate the amount of power you are likely to use and suggest the best options for you.

Maintenance with whole house generators should be consistent and usually if the generator was used continuously for 24hrs or more.

What we say?
We believe it is ideal for every home to have a reliable source of power and a backup such as a whole house generator. It is convenient, safe, and worth its investment when emergencies occur. Contact us for suggestions or installation.

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