As you listen to the news of the folks on the eastern side of the country deal with the aftermath of a major winter storm, you have probably heard the tales of woe of those left without power for days on end. You can be proactive by calling a Salt Lake City electrician today and asking about getting your home equipped with a generator. Salt Lake City homeowners will appreciate having power at all times despite a raging snowstorm outside. The team at Captain Electric, LLC is here to help you.

A standby generator can make the difference between riding out a storm in relative comfort and safety and sitting in the dark worrying about how you are going to heat your home. There is a sense of security when you have lights available on demand. Younger children will feel much better, which goes a long way to keeping the family happy.

You will need an electrician to complete the generator installation. Salt Lake City homeowners will have the option to choose what size of generator will be necessary. There are plenty of sizes ranging from smaller generators that power just a few lights and essential appliances like the refrigerator and freezer to the much bigger generators that will power the entire home.

Once you have decided on the size of the generator it is time to install generator. Salt Lake City homeowners will have the option of having an automatic transfer switch installed. This will automatically turn on the generator within seconds of the power grid going down. This means you will never have to step outside and drag out a generator or run back and forth plugging in extension cords. If you are ready to take the important step of having a standby generator installed, give Captain Electric, LLC a call today.

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