Every project goes smoother when everybody involved has the same vision, and this is especially true when choosing the right electrician in Pleasant Grove UT for your remodeling project. Cost efficiency is important these days, and you need an electrician that is more concerned with helping you to reach your project goals than with what you can be convinced to spend your hard earned money on. Sometimes there are electrical upgrades that must be made for functionality or safety. That is why it is essential to engage an electrician you can trust, one that if he says some electrical rewiring is needed, it really is necessary.

Finding an electrician Pleasant Grove contractor that is in line with your thinking can be a challenge, if you don’t have any among your friends and relatives to call upon. However, if you start by looking at the electrical contracting companies that have been around for a while and are pretty well established in your area, you increase your odds of finding the right electrician in Pleasant Grove UT for your remodeling project and the various types of electrical upgrades and home rewiring it may require. Captain Electric is one of those companies, founded in 1988 by a regular sort of guy. In fact, in the early days, its founder headed out to jobs in his car, ladder hanging out the window.


Life has certainly changed for the founder and his business. Nowadays, Captain Electric technicians travel in well stocked service vehicles, arriving at their electrical service calls prepared to get the job done, with enough extra parts, materials, and electrical tools to handle the unexpected — which does happen from time to time once things are opened up and in progress. That way, there’s no time wasted chasing parts and materials, and the work goals of the day can usually still be met. However, those early days still influence how this Pleasant Grove UT electrician runs his business, with the needs of regular people in mind.

Part of that is keeping prices within reason, and trying to cut people a break when they can. Captain Electric runs regular specials, coupons, and discounts, including a special discount for teachers, single parents, military personnel, and senior citizens. Captain Electric has a solid reputation for quality work, offering a lifetime guarantee on their work and a year’s guarantee on the materials they use on the job, whether it be a whole house rewire or a ceiling fan installation. Respect is a part of the Captain Electric philosophy, too, and a Captain Electric Pleasant Grove UT electrician is expected to meet very high company standards when it comes to customer service.

If a Captain Electric electrician in Pleasant Grove UT arrives late for an electrical service call, Captain Electric will send the customer and a friend out to dinner and a movie as an apology. Technicians are expected to be respectful and professional, and if they do not adhere to the strict code of behavior that is expected of them, they are held accountable. Indeed, if an electrician from Captain Electric swears in or around your home, the service call is free. Integrity is expected to be standard operating procedure, and you can rely on the honesty of an electrician from this company.

If they tell you that an electrical upgrade is necessary for your system to operate safely, that is the truth. There will never be an attempt to sell you electrical repairs or electrical upgrades you don’t need by telling you that they are absolutely necessary. An electrician in Pleasant Grove UT from Captain Electric is expected to take pride in finding cost effective and innovative solutions for your electrical needs. That is what the solid reputation of this Pleasant Grove UT electrician company is built upon, high quality workmanship and outstanding, dedicated customer service.

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