Electricians are categorized based on different factors. These include where they work, how they work, and services they provide. A commercial electrician might seem like a popular term. You may even believe it means an electrician you can call easily for your residential services. On the contrary, a commercial electrician only works for commercial buildings, precisely stores, restaurants, businesses, and more.

A commercial electrician ensures that the wiring and electrical components in the commercial building are functioning safely and efficiently. The electrical needs of a commercial building differ from a residential building. There is a higher demand for power and outlets. The commercial electrician ensures the business gets the power they need.

Job Description and Requirement.

To become a commercial electrician, the requirements include 5 years as an apprentice and an electrician’s license. A commercial electrician will work from blueprints to install and maintain the electrical components in the commercial building. Their tools include screwdrivers, testers, wires, pliers, saw, knives, ladders, and others the customer may provide. 65% of commercial electricians work for electrical contractors, 8% are hired by manufacturers, 4% are hired by the government, and another 8% are self-employed. A commercial electrician must be able to discern color, stand, climb ladders, lift up to fifty pounds at eye level, and stay in uncomfortable positions for hours. They must be able to work with a broad range of customers including builders, building owners, commercial contractors, and individual customers. It is important for a commercial electrician to be professional, presentable, and skilled.

Commercial Electrician in Salt Lake City

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