The heat can make miserable. It leaves you exhausted and grumpy. If you are struggling to find relief from the heat in the comfort of your home, you need the help of a ceiling fan. A fan can help circulate the air in your home, breaking up that stagnant air that makes you feel miserable. If you have an air conditioner, a ceiling fan is an absolute must. You can rely on an electrician in Salt Lake City, like those at Captain Electric of Utah to complete the installation for you.

Ceiling fans come in many different styles and sizes. It is important you get the right size of fan for the room you will be placing it. A fan that is too big can be a nuisance and a bit of an eyesore. A fan that is too small is not going to do you a lot of good explains an electrician. Salt Lake City homeowners with vaulted ceilings can purchase a fan extension rod that brings the fan lower and into the living space where you need it. You can also purchase a remote control option that allows you to control your fan speed and the light with the click of a button.

A ceiling fan can help reduce your electric bill that is being driven up by an air conditioner explains a Salt Lake City electrician. The fan circulates the cold air around the room, which tells the thermostat the room is at the desired temperature and shuts off the AC. Cold air will hover near the floor and thermostats tend to be placed higher up where the hot air rises, telling the AC to keep running, which drives up your electric bill. If you are ready to beat the heat while lowering your electric bill, give Captain Electric of Utah a call today and schedule your ceiling fan installation.

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