Standby generators are becoming more common as more and more people recognize the convenience they can provide. There are plenty of reasons for installing a generator Salt Lake City residents are fortunate enough to have a savvy company like Captain Electric, LLC on hand to help out with the installation process.

There are several benefits to having a standby generator installation. Salt Lake City home and business owners will appreciate the ease in which the generator automatically kicks on the second the power goes out. This eliminates those scary, tense minutes of feeling and searching around in the dark for a flashlight. For business owners, it means business can carry on as usual without a loss of revenue. This is a major plus for the business as well as consumers.

One of the main reasons people want generators is to limit the amount of disruption in normal routines and activities during a power outage. Part of the installation will include something called a transfer switch. This is what transfers power from the main electrical grid to the generator. A power monitoring system tells the generator when power has been interrupted and it automatically switches on without any work on the part of the home and business owners. There are various sizes of generators to accommodate your needs.

This is a major benefit over the portable generators that require a person to physically go out and hook up the generator and then start it. In a storm or during inclement weather, being outside is not always advisable.

If you want to install generator, Salt Lake City residents can rely on Captain Electric, LLC to complete the process in a professional and efficient manner. Give us a call today and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about a standby generator.

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