As we work through the “polar vortex” that has taken the country by storm (literally) there are some people who have learned the hard way that winter weather can be extremely harsh. Electricity is not always guaranteed when there is heavy snowfall or high winds, which are common with severe winter storms. Often times, it can take power crews days and up to a week or more to restore power to every home in the area. When the temperatures are freezing out, this is not the time to have no electricity. You need a generator. Salt Lake City residents can rely on Captain Electric, LLC to complete the installation of a generator that will keep your family warm and satisfied throughout the harshest winter weather.

If you have never heard of a standby generator, they are extremely useful during power outages. They are not like their counterparts the portable generator. Instead, the standby generator is a permanent fixture that doesn’t require all of the cord or the hassle of placing it outside your home in the inclement weather. You will need an electrician to complete the generator installation. Salt Lake City homeowners will have the luxury of the backup generator automatically turning on within seconds of the power going out without ever having to leave the safety and comfort of their homes.

To install generator, Salt Lake City homeowners will need to have a transfer switch in place that will protect the linemen from electrocution. This is something your electrician will take care of for you during the installation process. If you are ready to make a generator purchase, take the time to research the different sizes of generators and what would work best for you home and your needs. Once you have made a decision, give Captain Electric, LLC a call today and schedule your generator installation.

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