Exhaust Fan Installation

Exhaust Fan InstallationAn attic fan is an HVAC exhaust fan placed in an attic to draw hot air out of the attic and regulate the amount of stagnant heat in the attic.

It’s an important part of the home and why you should consider hiring attic fan installers near you.

  • How did hot air get there in the first place?

Hot air always rises, and in the home, it rises up to the attic. Since it’s not ideal to have a hot attic, an attic fan helps cool and draw out humidity.

  • How does the attic fan work?

Attic fans work by drawing fresh air through the attic vents and directing hot air out through the fan vents. This method keeps the home or attic cool.

For some types of exhaust fans, the process is different. Some fans use the existing duct system to move air, while others use their dedicated air ducts to ventilate.

Proper installation is important for an attic exhaust fan to work properly. If it’s not done right, the attic fan might end up drawing cool air from the home instead.

  • How is a professional attic fan installation done?

The attic fan installer should first confirm the existing number of vents in your attic. Your home should ideally have 1 sq. ft. of attic ventilation for every 300 sq. ft. of attic space. The professional attic installer will then assist you in choosing the attic exhaust fan best for your home.

Once done, installation begins by cutting the appropriate-sized hole in the ceiling or roof. The installer will add the shutter on the exterior of the opening, and finally, install and wire the fan.

If you have a large attic, it’s also possible to install multiple exhaust fans.

Just like with fresh installation, an attic fan can also be replaced.

  • What is the cost of installing an attic fan?

The national average cost to install an attic fan is between $225 and $850. Some people pay up to $450 to install a gable mounted electric vent in an attic with a thermostat. High-end costs are up to $1,500 to install a roof-mounted solar-powered fan with a thermostat and humidistat.

The factors that influence the cost of your installation include –

  • Location and type of exhaust fans. The locations can be roof, ridgeline, and gable. They contribute to making installations easier or more complicated. For example, the average cost of gable installation is $75 – $450, while the roof location type installation is $300 – $1,000.
  • Labor costs also influence the cost of your installation. 
  • Scope of work, depending on the attic situation of your home matters too.


  • Who installs an attic fan?

Attic fans are typically installed by a roofer or a carpenter. And an electrician near you completes the wiring.

Choose the best installers based on recommendations or thorough background research. Find more than one preferable contractors and compare responses to cost, work process, and other important details. You want to make sure your electrician and installer get it right the first time.

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