Electricity has become an essential part of life in today’s modern world. Appliances, lighting, and other household gadgets depend on electricity to function. As a consequence, electricity issues can cause people a great deal of anguish. Some people may not be aware of professional services available, while others prefer to take care of the issues themselves. Dealing with electricity, no matter how small the issue may be, is always dangerous. That is why there are professional residential electricians, as well as commercial electricians available. Where can you find such services? A Salt Lake City electrician service is one great option for getting your electricity problems resolved.

Why is an Electrician in Salt Lake City UT Necessary?

Although saving money is possible by completing the job yourself, hiring a professional is much safer. Electricity can be dangerous and even life threatening. Electrical-related accidents can cause serious burns and secondary injuries such as falling from a ladder. Not only is the person working with the electricity at risk, but anyone nearby is also in danger. Improper handling of electricity can lead to fires and explosions. With that said, it is agreeable that hiring the best electrician Salt Lake City UT has to offer is the better choice.

An electrical service call may be necessary in various occasions. Knowing what types of services are available from companies like Captain Electric, your licensed electrician in Salt Lake City UT, is beneficial. The three most common types of services that electricity companies offer are construction, maintenance, and repair.

* Construction – The process of building a home or office building requires that an endless list of electrical requirements is met in Salt Lake City. Electricians are in charge of numerous tasks including; installing necessary wiring, properly placing power outlets and switches, installing lighting, and panel upgrades as necessary.

* Maintenance – Electrical safety assessments can be routinely ran by a professional Salt Lake City UT electrician at Captain Electric to make sure that your home or business is safe. Maintenance also includes other things such as; installing new light fixtures, adding outlets, and any other electrical renovations needed.

Repair – Electrical repairs can range from anything like installing new appliance outlets or circuits to repairing blown fuses and loose wires.

Things to Look for When Hiring a Salt Lake City Electrician

When searching for an electric service provider, it is important to consider three things; credentials, reputation, and professionalism. A responsible electric contractor such as Captain Electric is always willing to show proof of any credentials or licenses. Knowing that the company obtains the necessary credentials will give you peace of mind. Reputation is also a good thing to look for when searching for an electrician. Reviews can be found online to give you a better insight about the quality of the services offered. It is also recommended to ask previous clients such as friends or family. Lastly, make sure the company is professional; that means that they only hire employees that are qualified to do the job and that they require special training. You can rest assured that there is always a reliable electrician in Salt Lake City UT, Captain Electric, that meets all of these standards.


Cost is the main thing most people are worried about. The good thing is that the majority of companies offer electrical estimates at no cost or for a small fee. During the inspection, electrical troubleshooting may be necessary to figure out what work is needed. The cost of electrical services varies widely and all depend on the type of work that is needed and how long it will take to finish. Getting an estimate will allow you to have a better understanding of how much the service will cost.

Although many people think that hiring a professional Salt Lake City electrician is costly, doing so may actually save you money. Temporarily fixing issues often times only worsens the situation and the consequences are paid for later on. Electricians have a deeper understanding and knowledge in regards to electricity, and therefore can find the main problem. Fixing the primary issue the first time will save you money in the way that you do not have to waste money on unnecessary materials over and over again. In addition, it will also prevent the problem from becoming worse.

Captain Electric, your Salt Lake City electrician, hires only qualified professionals and provides all of the supplies needed to properly get the job done. Call them today to discuss all of your electrical needs!

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