cap_08You can’t go anywhere or listen to the news without hearing about the coming winter of 2016-2017. Weather forecasts indicate it is going to be a La Nina year, which means winter is going to be tough going for the Pacific Northwest and into Utah. The last time this kind of situation happened, there were record snowfalls that crippled large regions. Widespread power outages were a symptom of the massive snow and many were left freezing or forced to take refuge in hotels with backup generators. Instead of dealing with the cold and dark or fleeing your home for an expensive hotel, why not just invest in a standby generator now? An electrician in Salt Lake City, like those at Captain Electric of Utah, can help you get ready to ride out whatever comes our way this winter.

A standby generator is going to be a huge help if and when the power is knocked out due to a strong storm. You can get a generator big enough to run your furnace along with the lights and appliances you need to maintain a relatively normal daily routine. If you have a woodstove, you can go a little smaller on the size of the generator. These are all things you will want to discuss with your electrician. Salt Lake City homeowners who are unsure of how many kilowatts they need to run their home can do a simple, free survey online or rely on the expertise of a professional electrician well-versed in generators and the installation process.

There are numerous differences as well as similarities between portable and permanent generators. One of the biggest benefits of a standby generator is the ease to get it up and running immediately following a power outage. A Salt Lake City electrician can explain more about transfer switches and how they automatically transfer the electric panel to the backup power source within seconds of the power going out. Give Captain Electric of Utah a call today and schedule your standby generator consultation.

La Nina Preparation with Salt Lake City Electrician was last modified: September 4th, 2018 by Brian Hortin