cap_julyAlthough summer is halfway over, it is never too late to get that air conditioning unit you have been dreaming about. Many of the most beautiful homes in this area were built more than a hundred years ago and are not equipped with central heating and air. Other newer homes simply don’t include air conditioning because it may not have seemed necessary at the time. However, if you are a homeowner who wants to enjoy the cool comfort of a cool room after a long day in the heat, you need an electrician in Salt Lake City. You can count on Captain Electric of Utah to help you get on the road to the 21st century complete with air conditioning.

Older homes may not be quite ready for a new installation of an air conditioning unit. It may be necessary to get an electric panel upgrade first. This is something you probably won’t know and will need to hire an electrician. Salt Lake City homeowners who are thinking about a new AC unit will need to have an electrical panel inspection completed first. This will give you an idea about what you have and what you will need to upgrade to in order to run the large appliance. An air conditioning unit will need its own breaker. For older homes, this is simply not possible with 100-amp service that is already maxed out running the typical kitchen appliances and heaters.

An upgrade by a Salt Lake City electrician will definitely make you feel a little better about the safety of your home and of course, it means you get that air conditioner you have had your eye on. Your home is a big investment and every upgrade you make will only add more value. Give Captain Electric of Utah a call today and schedule your panel inspection so you can take the next step in getting a new air conditioning unit installed.

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