Summer is coming and with the warmer temperatures, you can almost guarantee a spike in your electric bill. Running your air conditioning to keep your home at a cool and comfortable temperature can cost you quite a bit on your monthly electric bill. Air conditioners are definitely energy hogs, but you can offset the cost by reducing how much electricity you use in other areas. Your Salt Lake City electrician realizes how important it is to your health to stay cool this summer and has some tips to help you reduce your energy demand so you don’t feel the bite of a big electric bill in July and August. The team at Captain Electric of Utah can help you with other electrical needs.

1-Keep the thermostat at a cool 74 to 76 degrees. This is comfortable and will allow you to rest. You can add a ceiling fan to the room to help circulate the air, creating a small breeze and making the room feel cooler. An electrician in Salt Lake City can install one for you in the living room and the bedrooms.

2-Make a commitment to shut off lights and electronics when they are not in use. You can save a couple extra dollars each month by unplugging appliances and electronics when not in use as well.

3-Ask family members to cut back on their shower time. If every person in the home shaved off a couple minutes each day, you could save quite a bit on your electric bill by reducing how often your hot water heater has to run.

4-Switch out old light fixtures in the hallway and closets with energy efficient LED fixtures. These cost a few pennies to run compared to leaving a typical incandescent light on for hours at a time. The new fixtures can be installed by an electrician. Salt Lake City homeowners will appreciate the brightness of the LEDs.

Saving money on electricity is easy. Call Captain Electric of Utah to schedule your ceiling fan installation or your new energy efficient light fixture.

Saving Electricity with Salt Lake City Electrician was last modified: September 4th, 2018 by Brian Hortin